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    Here is a rough game report to provide some examples of game play and to highlight how the Junker Insurgents play.
    The mission is for the RDF to patrol into Anshan and see if rumours about an armed force operating out of there are correct.
    It is a routine patrol so only 3 squads, Alpha, Bravo and Charlie are deployed with 2 vehicles as back up a Pathfinder Ranger and their MS1 Pathmaster.

    The RDF are grunts.
    The Junker insurgents are grunts.


    The RDF approach and are placed as you can see at set up.

    They can see what appear to be some odd structures in a line around the town.

    Before initiative is rolled the RDF must decide which of the special abilities the MS1 command module grants them, to use.
    It can either grant +1 to your initiative roll or allow you to re-roll one failed command roll per turn.
    The RDF opt to use the re-roll this turn.

    So initiative is rolled for and the RDF win anyway!

    They attempt to command Charlie Squad to ‘run’ out of the APC, they need a 4+ and get a 4.
    They move forward toward the odd structures.

    Next they try to command Alpha Squad to ‘advance’, they need a 4+ and get a 2, so they use the MS1’s re-roll to roll again, and pass!

    Next they try to advance Bravo Squad, but they fail their command roll so the turns hands over to the Junkers.
    The Junker Insurgents are sneaky fellows and dress as civilians and hide their weapons under robes and long coats to avoid detection.
    As such, they are represented using Junker Civilians and simply move around as normal, mingling with the crowds until they choose to strike. (See the main rules for more details)

    The Junker player moves his ‘civilians’ into place.

    The turn then passes back to the RDF as the Junker players has moved his civilians.
    Both vehicles pass and the Pathfinder Ranger heads off around one flank whilst the Pathfinder Archer, unhooks from the MS1 command module and heads around the other flank leaving the command module in place.


    The RDF opt for the re-roll from their MS1 command module.
    They also win the initiative again.

    Charlie Squad passes its command roll and scans the odd looking objects.

    They are proximity mines.
    They open fire on one intending to set it off and open a gap in the perimeter.
    Seems like the rumours about an armed force may be true!

    They have a missile launcher which has a DV of 3 and they have 4 assault rifles each with a DV of 1.
    This makes 7 DV in total so 7D6 are rolled.
    They get 2 hits on the PM (proximity mine) and it has to make two saves, it fails one and it detonates.
    The PM is removed.

    Alpha Squad attempt to advance, they pass the roll and open fire on another PM as they do so.
    2 hits and 2 failed saves means the PM detonates.

    The Pathfinder Ranger is ordered to move forward and follow suit, it passes its command roll and opens fire as it trundles forwards, taking out another PM.

    Bravo Squad is ordered to advance out of the Pathfinder and they pass.

    The Pathfinder Archer over on the other flank passes its roll and moves forward.

    This was a great turn for the RDF as they passed every single command roll which meant the initiative stayed with them.

    Over to the Junker player.
    He chooses to use the Junker ability to ambush, and replaces one group of innocent civilians

    with some insurgents.

    Their special ability allows them to automatically pass any given order on the turn they reveal.

    The player decides to give them the aimed fire order and the RPG man opens up at the Pathfinder Archer.

    The RPG has a DV of 3, so he rolls 3 D6 and gets 1 hit.
    The RDF player fails to save so the Junker player rolls on the vehicle damage chart.
    He gets a 3, running gear damaged, the vehicle can only move at combat speed.

    I place a discreet token by the model to remind me.

    Wanting to try and finish the damaged vehicle off the Junker player decides to try and command a unit the normal way, he starts up the Junker pick up by rolling a 5!

    An Insurgent carrying an RPG leaps out of a building and onto the back of the pick up as it weaves toward the damaged APC.

    The pick up stops behind some cover and opens fire with its DV of 3.

    It scores 3 hits!!!
    The RDF player rolls and fails 2 of the saves.
    This means the Junker player gets to roll on the damage chart but with a bonus to the roll.
    For each failed save past the first from any single hit you add +1 to the roll.
    So here we have 1 additional failed save so we get +1 to the roll.
    (Had the player failed all 3 saves, that would have been 2 additional failed saves and thus +2 to the roll)

    Noooooo, the damage chart result was a 1, still this becomes 2 which is the targeting system damaged.
    The APC now has -1 to all its firing.


    The RDF opt for the initiative bonus this time.
    The dice are tied but the RDFs +1 means they go first.

    The damaged pathfinder attempts to aimed fire at the pick-up.
    It passes its command roll.
    5 DV for its missiles.
    +1 aimed, -1 for targeting system damaged, just on the dice roll.
    Only 1 hit!
    The pick-up fails its save and the RDF also gets a 2 on the damage chart.
    However, the pick-up is not a military vehicle so we roll on the civilian damage chart where a 2 means the vehicle is totally immobilised.

    The RDF want to take out this pick-up RPG pain in the bum, so Charlie Squad are ordered to aim fire at it, they pass the roll and score a hit.
    The Junker player fails his save, we get a 6 on the damage chart..  KABOOOOOM!
    The quarterback is toast!

    Alpha Squad passes its roll and runs toward the Junker Insurgent threat over by the Pathfinder Archer.

    Bravo Squad are a bit concerned about current events and seeing lots of ‘civilians’ around them they opt to try the ‘react’ order.
    They pass and are ready for action.

    Their Pathfinder however does nothing, could be that dodgy clutch again….

    The Junker Insurgents open fire on the damaged but still working Pathfinder Archer but fail to hit.

    During all of which, groups of Junker Civilians are wandering closer to the RDF…


    The RDF go back to using the MS1 for the re-roll.
    Turns out to be a good call as they win the initiative.

    The Pathfinder Archer aims at the Insurgents in cover and gets 2 hits.
    The Insurgents having lesser armour than the RDF promptly fail both saves, this results in a fatality.
    When a model is killed the firer may roll a D6 and on a 6 he can choose which figure is removed, the D6 roll is a 3, so the Junker player removes a regular Joe.

    Alpha Squad are commanded to get their on the double but fail their command roll (say again, all after incinerators???) so they us the MS1s re-roll to try again, this time the Squad understand their order and run at full whack.

    Charlie Squad shoot up another PM.

    Bravo Squad seem to freeze in the face of all the civilians, clearly unsure as to if they are civvies or armed insurgents…
    Bravo were right, one group throws off its robes and reveals a plethora of nasty shooty things.


    Argh no, Insurgents!

    Using their ambush ability they are given the aimed fire order and pass
    This could be nasty.

    3DV for the RPG
    3DV for the sniper
    3DV for the 3 rifles

    9 D6 to roll only needing 4+.

    Only 2 hits!!
    One of which was from the sniper (this is important to note)

    The RDF roll for 2 saves and fail both.
    This means a death in the RDF!!
    Normally as noted the firer rolls a D6 and on a 6 he can choose which figure is removed.
    Snipers however choose on a 5 or 6.
    We get a 5!!
    So the Junker player nominates the RDF Minigun trooper as the casualty.
    This is a blow to Bravo Squad.

    The other group of civilians seeing this also reveal themselves.
    However as one squad has already used its ambush ability this turn, this squad has to roll as normal.
    They fail.
    They are revealed but unable to do anything as they failed their command roll.


    RDF once again win the initiative after opting for the MS1s re-roll.

    The Pathfinder Ranger tries to aim fire at the Junker Insurgents that just appeared, it fails its roll, so we use the re-roll. That fails too.
    Oops that leaves Bravo a bit in the lurch.

    The Junkers roll and they fail!!
    Bravo are lucky and try to capitalise by aiming fire on the other squad before they act, however Bravo fail and we have already used the re-roll.

    Back to the other Insurgents near Bravo who pass their roll.
    The Junkers get 4 hits!

    Bravo fail all 4 saves!
    This results in 2 dead with the Junkers getting to choose one of them (that sniper again)
    However with the support trooper (minigun) dead, it makes no real difference.

    Over to the Junkers by the drilling rig and the damaged Pathfinder Archer.
    They fail their roll and do nothing, they must be cheering the death of more RDF and don’t quite catch the order!

    More Junker Civilians advance on the fight.
    Alpha continue their sprint toward the damaged Pathfinder and the Junkers that are in cover taking pot shots at it.

    Charlie Squad step up.
    They pass their aimed fire order and hold one man back to drop smoke once the others fire.
    They score and end up killing a Junker and leaving them ‘shaken’
    We put a shaken marker next to the Junker Squad.

    Any shaken unit has -1 to its command rolls.
    This shaken marker and penalty stays in place until the unit PASSES a command roll.
    As such you need to be sensible in what orders you give shaken units as different orders have different difficulties.


    The RDF opt for the re-roll.
    The Junkers win the initiative.

    The Junker player reveals his final squad and opens up on Charlie Squad.

    Oh no, it is “Red Elvis” and his men.
    They get 3 hits, and the RDF fail all 3 saves.
    This leaves Charlie shaken and 1 man down.
    Luckily the Junkers failed to take out the heavy weapons trooper.

    The Junker Squad near Bravo pass their advance order and open fire as they come around the tower.
    The result of which is only Sam Ramirez of Bravo Squad is left standing.

    On this side, that leaves the shaken Junker squad.
    The shaken marker means they get -1 to their command rolls.
    They could try aimed fire at Sam but that would require a 5+ and if they fail they stay shaken.
    They opt instead to take cover which is a 2+, so with the shaken marker it is a 3+.
    They get a 4 and take cover.
    As they passed their roll they remove the shaken marker.

    Had they tried to aim fire, that roll of a 4 would have been a fail, so they would do nothing and remain shaken.
    Choose your orders wisely in KR 16!

    That leaves the Junkers near the drilling rig now; they aim at the Pathfinder Archer and score a hit.
    It fails its save and they get a 6 on the damage chart.
    Weapon destroyed.
    They roll the D6 hoping for a 6 so they get to pick.
    Alas it was a 4 so the RDF player picks which weapon is destroyed, he chooses the smoke launchers!

    So, this turn all the Junker Squads passed their command rolls which did not give the RDF time to seize the turn.
    However it is their turn now!

    Sam Ramirez passes her fall back order and gets inside the Pathfinder Ranger, which opens fire at the Junkers and misses…

    The Pathfinder Archer takes out an Insurgent but fails to get a 6 on the D6 roll so the Junker player removes another joe average trooper, leaving the RPG man alive.

    Alpha Squad are upon the Junkers now and open fire, missing with every single shot…

    Charlie Squad manage to hit the new Insurgents and give them a shaken counter.


    This turn sees the Pathfinder Archer lose its main gun, the missiles and also sees Charlie Squad lose 2 men.


    The RDF player pulls him men out and calls it a day.
    Seems the RDF will have to adopt new tactics when dealing with the Junker Insurgents as they don’t fight nicely like the BPI do!
    Hopefully that will give you an idea how the game plays and how important it is to give troops the order most applicable to their situation.
    It also hopefully shows that cover matters and that being the under-dog is not always a ticket to loserville as the right tactics can mean even the weaker foe if it plays to its strengths can win.
    If you have any questions about the game please ask!
    I will answer them.

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    Great looking terrain and miniatures!

    And thanks for going over the rules too, sounds like the mission was a lot of fun.

    ClearHorizon Miniatures - 15mm Sci-Fi

    Avatar photoNeil Egerton

    Recommend these miniatures and rules. Angel Barracks customer service is excellent

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