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    I am really enjoying the reboot of Kung Fu on HBO Max at the moment, and it has inspired me to try some kung fu gaming, as well as filling my head with a Carl Douglas earworm that will not go away.

    So, dug out Warriors of the Four Circles by Avalon Games which I downloaded from WargameVault ages ago. I don’t have any suitable figures so I printed some standees from Okumarts Games and a battle map of a Japanese Garden from Dramascape and had a little go to see what the rules were like. You can read more about the game and my thoughts on the system on my blog but here is a little taster below.

    The tl:dr is that it was a fun game that I shall return to. It had a good martial arts movie feel to it. The rules are cheap, not difficult to learn and the detail is in the character cards. The downside is that there is no character builder in the game so you either need to work out how to balance abilities and stats yourself or remain limited to the default Chinese fantasy style of the game. It comes with counters, but I don’t like the artwork, so I opted to get standees from elsewhere. I think this will remain an occasional game to be dug out as and when the mood takes me.

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