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    A back burner project for some time has been Kursk in 6mm.  Over the years, I have worked generally  on miniatures and bits for a large Kursk battle, though have never found the sort of info on Russian defenses that I really want/need to build the battlefield.

    Obviously, I will be playing only a small window of the overall battle, but I want to make highly detailed terrain, modular foam (probably 2’x2′ panels) terrain.  Possibly such that the table will or could “scroll” as the battle progresses.  I have a number of sources, mostly overall, grand tactical sort of texts, and descriptions of the method and conceptual design of the defenses, but  most of the info conveys just that.  Enough info to understand how the defenses worked, but not a description of how it actually looked, no materials, construction methods, specific entrenchment/bunker/emplacement designs.

    I am a terrain nut, really enjoy the modeling part of it,  and want to at least make it look like Russian defenses at Kursk, not just “representative of a defensive position for the table top”.  So, can anyone suggest sources that have a few really good (informational) photos of defensive positions, (or better yet), lots of photos, renderings, birds eye views, aerial photos (it is good to dream), Soviet designs, topographical maps, etc.?

    Also, what is your favorite book(s) or sources otherwise about Kursk?

    Thanks, I really appreciate any suggestions.



    My one stop shop for all things Kursk is Glantz’s ‘The Battle of Kursk’, even if it is written in the style of a staff college lecture. The maps are however, by and large, useless although it does show some of the defensive layouts.

    One of his other books, “Spearhead of the Offensive, the Soviet Conduct of Tactical Manouvre” does also show typical soviet defensive layouts from both WW2 and the Cold War.

    If you want the nitty gritty of trench layouts, the Charles Sharpes ‘Soviet Infantry Tactics’ covers some of this stuff, but it sounds like what you actually want are the field engineering manuals. They don’t honestly look that different to German ones, how different are slit trenches, firing pits and log bunkers covered in turf?







    "Mistakes in the initial deployment cannot be rectified" - Helmuth von Moltke


    Thanks for the suggestions, they are on my “to buy” list .   Also, this link to Glantz’s  publications was suggested on TMP


    William Jones

    Good stuff.  Got to poking around and found this: http://www.historynet.com/book-review-zhukovs-greatest-defeat-the-red-armys-epic-disaster-in-operation-mars-1942-by-david-m-glantz-ww2.htm

    I wonder how much defeat in Operation Mars informed later planning for the success at Kursk?

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