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    I have been playing a few games of Lacquered Coffins recently (battle reports to follow) and a question has come up about fighter attacks at low-level (altitude 1): one of the basic mechanics is doing a pilot quality test for a fighter pilot to get a shot off against a target.  If this is failed, then the pilot loses speed and altitude for having messed up the manoeuvre – fair enough.  However, as written, I think that a fighter pilot who fails this automatically dies, because the aircraft will crash.  Given that the altitude bands seem to be fairly large bands, I am not sure this makes sense (despite it being morbidly amusing!).

    I think that bombing is too effective, especially from the heavier bombers against individual targets.  I think this may be because WW2 bombing would be against a reasonable spread (to try and achieve a hit at all).  With that in mind, I am thinking of experimenting with the pilot checking against quality for each bomb, and stopping when the first one is missed, rather than one check and then they all hit- any thoughts?


    NKL Aerotom

    Hi Whirlwind, some good points and ideas!

    With attacks at altitude 1, you are correct, if the pilot check  is failed, the aircraft crashes and dies – the rationale is that there is no room for error at altitude 1. If you feel this is too brutal, you could implement a second pilot check to see if he actually crashes or not. So pilot fails an attack at altitude 1, roll a second check, if he fails that… RIP in Peace in Peace

    With regards to bombing, I like your idea, let me know how it goes. Other options might be to only have a certain percentage of bombs hit (like half) or to reduce the victory points gained from bombing (by half?)

    Look forward to seeing how you get on!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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