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    Recently ran another game for the local SPI group using ESR. We had eleven players, the figures represented about 200,000 soldiers accompanied by nearly 500 guns. It was a late war, post-armistice battle between a primarily French force pitted against an Austrian commanded army of Austrians and Russians, and a Russian commanded army of Prussians and Russians.

    We had one veteran player, one moderately experienced player, and nine essentially new players (having played 0-2 games in the past). I was hands off after turn two just observing and socializing.

    Here’s a snapshot from the game.

    Württembergers of Reynier's VII Corps on the north bank of the Nuthe River.

    The scenario was fictional, the players rolled off for sides, the army commanders each rolled for intel and received different and limited intelligence and objectives along with a map of what they knew of the battlefield. The Allies were led to believe this was a French sortie against Berlin while the actual French objective was to draw the Allied armies into the open so one of them could be destroyed. The Allied army commanders were allowed to send a couple notes between each other prior to the game beginning. The French had to choose their target prior to the game start and all initial orders had to be issued.

    More photos can be seen at http://thewargamingcompany.com/etsansresultat/gallery.html

    Sorry the focal depth isn’t better, still slow on swapping settings while moving around crowded rooms of gamers 😉

    Went well, much fun had.


    The Bandit

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