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    Ivan Sorensen

    I’ve talked about my upcoming 6/10mm rules before, but I figured I’d shed a bit of light on how the army building will work.

    Now, of course, all of this is essentially optional. If you prefer scenario play, just grab the forces you need for the scenario, put them on the table and have a go at it.

    If you want to use the army building system, here’s how it will work:

    The army is composed of a number of Task Forces. There’ll be a handful to pick from (infantry, tank, support, line breaker etc.).
    A typical army will have 3 but for bigger games, you could have more than that.

    The Task Force requires you to purchase certain unit types and has allowances for what you can select.
    If you imagine the 40K org charts, it’s not terribly far from that.

    Each Task Force can have some additional “Support” units attached, at a small premium (10% cost). So if you need extra tanks backing up your infantry task force, you can, but you have to pay a bit extra for the benefit.

    Now, the cool part: Each Task Force has a commander who will contribute an “asset”. These are battle field influencing things like being able to deploy units further forward, flank marches, entrenching, pushing units forward faster and so forth.
    Essentially, this is a trademark of the commanders style and reflects how his/her/its forces operate.

    This will also make it super easy to do cool things like alien commanders (where each race could have its own asset lists) or “special character” commanders that provide a benefit to the troops under their command.

    Nordic Weasel Games

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