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    Hello everybody,

    I am quite invested in 15mm ancient, horse & musket and WWII wargaming and enjoy it. I have been thinking about maybe doing something Medieval in 15mm. I pose a few questions to expand the things to think about and get a few pointers into the right direction. I have browsed and read a few Ospreys and websites, but my knowledge is limited. I’m sure I don’t know the correct terminology or evolution of all these medieval weapons and armour pieces.

    Hail Caesar is what I have played with my ancients, and it is a fine system to casually throw a few dice and get a battle done in an afternoon. It doesn’t specifically cater to the later medieval era, but kinda stops around 1200-something. What are the other options? I have the l’Art de la Guerre and Field of Glory books, but something more specific on medieval times is maybe more interesting?

    I would be interested in the 100 years war and/or the War of the Roses. So fully plated knights, the longbow, bill and halberd.

    Next up, figures? I have visited some of the manufacturers websites, but it is hard to judge from only these websites..

    Thank you for reading & kind regards,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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