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    Tony S

    So, my wife’s workplace, a restaurant, was locked down immediately when government restrictions were set in place. As a result, having a lot of free time on her hands, she’s discovered a lot of online live painting tutorials. Sadly, not miniatures, although I suggested she could paint some of my unpainted figures (I seem to have a few available…) but rather landscapes and flowers and whatnot on canvas.

    Anyway, I stole some ideas from what she is doing, and have been rather happy with my cross hobby discoveries. I have no doubt that a lot of you already know, and do similar things, but I’ve never claimed to pay close attention to life.

    She uses Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean her brushes. I tried it, and holy cow – it works a treat! Not only does it clean them well, but – fingers crossed – it seems to be preventing my brush tips from developing that dreaded “buttonhook”. It actually brought a few older brushes back from the dead.

    I just spray a few drops on my finger, and then run the brush between two fingers. I don’t rinse the brush after, but just leave the oil soap on. Years ago I tried using a bar of brush soap to clean them, but it never seemed to work. The liquid Oil Soap is much better. Officially the Murphy’s Oil Soap is for cleaning and protecting wood furniture, if this product isn’t available in your country and are looking for the equivalent.

    I also – quite literally – stole a bottle of her liquid matte sealer. I’ve been really happy with the results of the new GW contrast paints recently, but I find they can leave a bit of a shiny satin look, which I don’t like. I used some of the new GW Munitorium sealer, but it seems satiny too. As well, although they are fantastic, the Little Big Men transfers are way too glossy for my tastes, and the spray on sealer didn’t seem to dull them much at all.

    So I tried brushing on her matte sealer with good results. I find it faster than spray, it’s also much, much cheaper and when I’m doing mounted troops, I don’t seal the horses, as I quite like the slightly satin look on the sweaty mounts. (They’re sweaty because I am a hussar at heart, and all my poor horses are subjected to repeated charge orders). They’re plastic figures, so I’m not that concerned with the paint coming off. Metal will be wholly sealed to avoid that problem.

    It was a bit scary covering my figures in white paint…but they dried clear.

    Anyway, I’m probably teaching grandma how to suck eggs, but I thought I’d share in case it does help anyone!


    Will have to look into that oil soap, thanks.

    Tired is enough.

    Darkest Star Games

    Ya, that is great advice, as well on the soap.  I have several detail brushes that I hope I can bring back from hooking.  Er, I mean…

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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