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    Yule Gnome (RPE Dwarf Santa)


    I have a constant impulse to paint miniatures that coincide thematically with “the times” (whether that be a time of year, the anniversary of some historical event or just whatever new trend or hyped product line is sweeping the hobby scene at any given moment), but I’m rarely able to get on track fast enough. This time, once for a change, I’ve managed it, thanks to Ral Partha Europe.

    RPE is one of my go-to manufacturers and when I received my latest parcel from them a couple of days ago, I found a festive bonus figure in the form of a “Dwarf Santa” from their new range of crowdfunded 28mm dwarfs, which have been sculpted in a kind of semi-Oldhammer style that I find charming. It was precisely the surprise nudge I needed to get cracking and actually paint a Christmas-themed miniature in time for Christmas, for the first time in my life!

    I decided against painting him as “American Santa” with the iconic red robes. Rather, this is an old-timey Nordic Yule Gnome (or “tomte”, or “nisse”, or whatever), even if the fur trim is perhaps a bit lavish for his kind. At any rate, the distinction between those concepts is a fuzzy one and the only practical difference in regard to this figure was painting the coat and trousers in more homely, down-to-earth colours. I only wish I’d had a 28mm goat and a cauldron of porridge to complete the classic look.

    For anyone interested to know for compatibility purposes, these new RPE dwarfs seem to be on the relatively small side for their scale in terms of height and proportions (caricaturish facial features notwithstanding). They’re not excessively small by any means – in fact I think they’re quite reasonable and just “lagom” in size – but the point is, many other 28mm manufacturers make dwarfs that look more like stunted, megalocephalic ogres by comparison.

    Hope you like!

    Avatar photoRuarigh

    Nice. I like this. I really do think you need to sort out a bowl of porridge for him, with plenty of cinnamon and butter, or he will be kicking your door down like the Tine nisse this year.


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    Cute figure.

    In America, it’s traditionally milk and cookies. I don’t know about either choice, now that I hear Santa’s gone vegan and gluten-free.

    Expect a lot of coal and ashes.

    Avatar photoPrince Rhys

    Awesome work – I am doing a similar thing in 15mm 🙂

    Avatar photoRhoderic

    Thanks for the comments!

    The final scene of that Tine ad has the same kind of atmosphere I was going for with the way I staged the photo. Lanterns in the winter darkness and all that. Rustic and bucolic, like. No reindeer with gaudy, red-glowing noses, here 

    I’m fairly sure this guy isn’t vegan. He’s been known to curse livestock when he’s not given his yearly porridge. Do not cross him.

    Rhys, do tell! Similar as in christmas-themed? Or as in dwarfish/gnomish, or something else?

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