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    The 22nd and 23rd of April saw another weekend game at New Buckenham and a return to Leipzig 1813 for another scenario based on this famous battle. This time it was to be the Allies advance on the village of Probstheida featuring Prussians, Russians and Austrians on the allied side with the French and Saxons now being led in person by Napoleon and including units of the Imperial guard. Once again the rule set used was Shako II with some house modifications and a few scenario specials, such as only the Austrians, as recent arrivals to the battle, would need to make the 1/3 casualty moral check. The game was started on the Friday night and completed on the Saturday.

    I had command of the Prussian contingent in the centre which comprised of four large infantry brigades, divisions for Shako control purposes, a cavalry division and artillery reserve. To my left were the Austrians, facing off against the Young Guard, to my right Russians and to my rear elite Russian combined grenadiers and guard battalions in reserve.

    My task was to capture Probstheida, held by veteran French troops with Napoleon and his Imperial Guard to their rear as a reserve. The Austrians were to pin the Young Guard in place while the Russians on my right were to try and roll up the French left flank, comprised of newly raised units, and prevent them re-enforcing the village. The Russian guard were to exploit any inroads made or capture Probstheida if my Prussians failed.

    My Prussians wasted no time and were soon attacking the village gaining one of the three sectors in quick time. There then followed counter attack after counter attack from both sides for the remainder of the game as sectors changed hands several times before the end.

    To the west the Austrains and Young Guard basically engaged in an artillery duel for the remainder of the battle, which had the desired effect of keeping the guard out of the fight.

    To the East the Russians rolled up the french left flank pushing them back onto the outskirts of Probstheida

    By the end of the game, after a very close initiative win for the French helped them regain a second village sector, it was called as a tactical win for Napoleon. Another great weekend game.

    More photos and complete AAR on my blog at Jabba’s Wargaming


    Avatar photoMike

    Some lovely photos there.

    Very nice looking.

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    Inspiring – thank you

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    Crackign game there and very impressive to view.

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