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    So Mike’s just gently reminded me I have been rather lax in posting to the forum … [smacks his own fingers in embarrassment – and promises to do better this year]

    Lets start with a quick update on our newest releases and what’s on the bench for the early part of this year.

    October, November and December were surprisingly busy on the casting/packing/shipping side, but we did manage to release a few models that have been sat on shelves pleading to be let loose.

    These included a 9 model addition to the Normandy street range…

    two additions to the Roman range in the form of an Imperial Temple and a Senate building,

    and finally ‘Vicksburg Courthouse’ for the ACW range.

    more to follow …. I promise

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    Nice, I have been eyeing up the Roman stuff for a while now..


    I have a lot of your stuff I am painting at the moment, hopefully I’ll be able to post some pics soon.

    Les Hammond

    Still working my way through the resin mountain…

    6mm France 1940



    nice work mick as always

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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