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    So for 2018, we are steadily creating a range of buildings for WW2 Stalingrad.

    Most of the models will be undamaged versions (in order to be of use in other industrial & commercial settings), but it is not beyond the bounds of possibility to add shell holes & battle damage during casting. Some however will be partly or totally destroyed models, and these include the ‘iconic’ Stalingrad buildings such as the Flour Mill, smoke stack and boiler house, apartment blocks and of course Pavlov’s House, plus some destroyed warehouses.

    Another range ‘in the pipeline’ is modern, yes… I said modern, you know, shapeless, characterless buildings, but I’ve been forced into these by constant emails and posts saying why aren’t you doing them.

    Out for painting at the moment is a 6mm Blood Bowl Arena, done as a commission, and I’m sure this will be posted when pictures are available, probably around June/July.

    We are currently working on a 6mm version of the Black Gates (LOTR), though I’m not sure how this will end up, this is a preliminary image

    and finally, a long term project here is a 6mm French Castle, Burg Guedelon, currently being built in full scale in Treigny, France, and they say it will take another 20 years to complete …. that’s about how long it will take me to finish the model too.

    6mm Resin Castings for wargamers -
    find me at www.levenminiatures.co.uk or follow us on Facebook at Http://www.facebook.com/levenminiatures


    A LOTR range would be MOST welcome!

    I just had to google Burg Guedelon, what a very cool but insane project they have going, thanks for highlighting it.

    Interest include 6mm WW2, 6mm SciFi, 30mm Old West, DropFleet, Warlords Exterminate and others!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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