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    The launch of Et sans résultat! at Little Wars last weekend was great. We ran two demo games and they garnered a lot of interest. At the peak of the Friday night game we had eight observers in addition to the seven players who joined us for the game.

    The French and Russians both attacked on the northern flank in each of our games and largely fought each other to a standstill in that sector both times. In the south the story was two fold. Against Davout’s flank attack the Russian focus was on delay: force Davout to deploy early and slow his northward movement at every step. To the west against St. Hillaire’s command it was more difficult, without room to maneuver and with Davout’s lead division pressuring Serpallen, the Russian left began to cave in requiring Dokhturov’s reserve corps to shift forward and left to fill the holes.

    Saturday morning setup – view of whole battlefield from the southern flank, Davout's III Corps in the foreground.

    View of whole battlefield from the southern flank, Russian side.

    View from the northern flank, Russian side, looking southward.

    View from the Russian northern flank.

    The Russian battle lines before their reserves were put out.

    Looking south from Eylau at the commencement of hostilities.

    View from behind the Russian left wing looking westward at St. Hillaire's position on the French right.

    View from the perspective of Dokhturov's Russian reserve corps as St. Hillaire's division steps off in their assault.

    The fight on the northern flank between Soult's IV Corps and Tuchkov's command supported by Pahlen's cavalry.

    Davout's III Corps entangled with Ostermann-Tolstoi's infantry and Golitsyn's cavalry on the southern flank.

    The two games were each scheduled for a six hour time slot but we played out the game with about an hour to spare. After about the third turn players were running the charts themselves and myself and the other game host were just giving guidance, answering questions, and keeping the turn sequence moving. Overall it ran quite smooth and people had a lot of fun.

    If you’d like to find out more about Et sans résultat! aka ‘ESR’ please checkout The Wargaming Company website or just ask here.


    The Bandit

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    Ye gads!!
    How many figures is that?


    Not counting the Prussian reinforcements who arrive via Althoft on the northern flank mid-game and therefore aren’t in the pictures, you’re looking at something like 3,000 15mm figures divided among somewhere’s about 43 divisions spread amongst 11 commands, again, not counting the Prussian contingent.


    The Bandit

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