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    Avatar photoKeith Barker

    Hi, Every time I visit TWW I must log in. I have tried clicking the remember me box but it doesn’t! This is getting rather annoying, it means most of the time I just lurk, is there a trick to it that I am missing? Thanx!

    Avatar photoRod Robertson


    is the device which you routinely log in with purging cookies automatically. If so the webpage does not recognise you when you return each time. If you can’t troubleshoot this problem ask Editor Mike for some assistance. He’s very willing to help those lost in the weeds here. Best of luck.

    Cheers and good gaming.

    Rod Robertson.

    Avatar photoMike

    is the device which you routinely log in with purging cookies automatically

    I was about to ask that, also what OS and browsers?

    I routinely use Chrome, IE, and Firefox on the Windows 10 with no issues.
    On Android I use Chrome and Firefox again with no issues.

    If I recall correctly, on the PC I do let my browsers remember passwords for sites.

    Not sure if any of that sheds any light, drop me an e-mail or ping me on FB if you prefer, or here, whichever works best for you.


    Avatar photoKeith Barker

    I use IE 11 and Windows 7.

    It keeps me logged in to FB, so I don’t think I’m purging cookies.

    But as nobody else has this “problem”, then I will look into it further and try other browsers!


    Avatar photoEarther

    I was having a similar problem using Safari on Mac OS X; I’d log in and it’d be okay for a couple of days, then I’d need to log in again. Got round it by getting Safari to remember the password, which is something I’m generally not too keen to do.

    Avatar photoVolunteer

    I have the same issue Keith using Chrome and Windows 10. But all I have to do is click in the user block and my name pops in then click in the PW block and my password pops in. It’s still logging in though. It would be nice to just stay logged in like I can on my Android.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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