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    Anyone have any long term plans they are working toward?

    Maybe to have a dedicated games room.
    Collect all the models you need to play XX the way you have in mind.
    Publish a game/rule set.



    You mean apart from eventually retire? 🙂

    I am using the time I am no longer gaming due to lockdown to work through all my collections and get them into a final, finished state.

    So, finish all the bases, add flags, glue back missing spear, finish movement trays, etc, etc

    I did 24 FPW Cavalry bases over lsat weekend and was rather surprised that I have over 200 infantry bases to Brushscape, dry brush and flock…

    I’ve got the 28mm FPW and LOTR collections to do, plus the 54mm Napoleonic and NWF ones to finish…

    Then I can do something new!  Though I have started painting Ogre Miniatures sets in between…




    Black Hat Miniatures -

    Mike Headden

    My long term goal is to be alive and solvent this time tomorrow!

    The latter would be more likely if I didn’t spend money I don’t have on figures I don’t need for projects I’ll never finish! But where’s the fun in that?


    Growing old is mandatory, growing up is entirely optional!

    Chris Pringle

    It’s all about the Hungarian War of Independence of 1848-1849 – one of the biggest wars that people have virtually never heard of. I’m fighting this one on several fronts.

    First: translation, editing and publication of scholarly editions of the two Austrian semi-official histories. Hungary 1848: The Winter Campaign is in press now; Hungary 1849: The Summer Campaign in preparation.

    Second: using the research for those to refine my set of wargame scenarios for 15 of the biggest battles of the war.

    Third: getting a Hungarian 1848 6mm army ready for action (a friend is painting this up for me).

    Fourth: fighting through all 15 scenarios as a linked campaign.

    Fifth: publishing the scenarios as a campaign volume for Bloody Big BATTLES!

    Sixth: translating a modern Hungarian history of the war for publication in English.

    Enough to keep me busy for a while yet.


    Bloody Big BATTLES!


    BBB on FB


    Back in the early 1980s, when I first started gaming with micro-armor, I became fascinated with  the idea of gaming Cold War hot games set in the 1950s, 1960s and early 1970s.   At the time, money for miniatures, information, and the limits of available miniatures all conspired to shelve this as a dream.

    The desire to game these WWIII battles over the years never went away, and about 10 years ago, I started to consider if and how I would go abut doing this.  By this time I had started doing a lot of solo gaming, and most of my efforts went into long term campaigns.  In 2017 I started reconsidering how I would go about pursuing early Cold War battles in more detail, and began researching the Cold War 1950s and 60s in some depth, though hadn’t really committed to building the project yet.

    In 2018, I started painting a little bit of 6mm stuff for my African imagi-nation campaign, got the bug, and started painting/repainting some of my Cold War 6mm stuff.  It happened almost by accident, and turned into an avalanche.  I knew that I wanted to play at least four different WWIII scenarios as campaigns, spread out over the decades, and eventually settled on building armies for 1958, 1968, 1977, and 1982.

    Since mid 2018, I’ve painted 4000 vehicles and aircraft, 800 stands of infantry, reworked bases on 400 more stands, added stats to my home-brew rules for maybe 200 additional vehicles and aircraft, worked out two different air combat systems (one completely from scratch, another an interface for Missile Threat), compiled TO&Es and orders of battle, and have created a 1958 version of GDWs The Third World War to act as a strategic campaign mechanism for my game.  I’m currently painting some 6mm buildings, and working on various details and bits, and expect to start fighting battles over the Christmas break.

    The current plan is to game WWIII in Germany set in 1958 for awhile.  I’ll probably learn some things from the process, make some adjustments, and then do the same thing set in 1968, then set in 1977-78, and again in 1982-83.

    Somewhere in there, I may interrupt the wars in Germany to play out a War set in Iran as a result of the hostage crisis.  The idea coming after reading “Guests of the Ayatolah”, based on the idea that Iranians took over the Soviet embassy, and the Soviets go all-out into Iran.  Far fetched, but offers an interesting change of setting, plus gives three forces, rather than two.

    Most of the work for my WWIII game has taken placed over the the last two and a half years, so not sure if that is long term or not, but the idea, and the first miniatures  date back to 1983, maybe 1982.

    John D Salt

    Long term plans, you say?

    On the one hand, I have to finish off and take to COW the various games I have lying around in half-finished condition (one on the naval side of the 1971 India-Pakistan war, one on the British Pacific Fleet’s raids on the refineries at Palembang, a set of WW2 tactical tebletop rules, and a set of WW2 surface naval gunnery rules).

    On the other, I need to nag niece Georgina to shift her bed out of the upstairs room so that it can be renoberated for its intended purpose of games room. I also need to look at the possibilities of acquiring a laser cutter and a 3-d printer.

    On the third, now niece Georgina’s car is out of the garage, I have to recover the hundreds of unbuilt Airfix tanks from their storage boxes, convert them into something like what they are meant to be, and paint them up, together with the the accompanying plastic soldiers. At present rates this will take me until I am about 353 years old, by which time my eyesight might not be good enough for really fine work.

    Having thus grown an extra hand and lived to the age of 353, the next step will be to evolve into a creature of pure energy.

    All the best,


    Jim Jackaman

    I’ve been doing a naval themed approach to my projects over the last three years and will carry on into 2021. I haven’t achieved much of it and it’s changed in focus as I’ve moved along but I have ticked off some of my projects, with the forward momentum still going strong. I’ve called it this:


    1. win a million quid on the premium bonds.

    2. send all my unpainted stuff off to get pro painted.

    3. build a proper games room in the garden

    4. retire and enjoy playing with it all 🙂


    Interest include 6mm WW2, 6mm SciFi, 30mm Old West, DropFleet, Warlords Exterminate and others!


    It’s good to see so many plans laid out. I feel inspired to take up all of these projects! 🙂 I am also massively impressed by the productivity on show here. I just can’t manage that.

    My own plans are mainly based around trying to make space in my life for gaming. I need to finish writing the Big Bumper Book of Berserkers so that I can (a) annoy people who have invested so much of themselves in popular ideas about berserkers and (b) never have to write another book ever again, thus leaving myself time to actually paint figures, make terrain and play games.

    On the gaming front, my long-term goal is to either dispose of or paint all my unpainted lead, then to rationalise my collection and play lots of games with what I have rather than continuing with the scattergun approach that has dominated my gaming since I was a teenager. Easier said than done though, especially because my gaming stuff is all in the UK and I am in Norway. I need to get as much of it moved over here as possible without my wife thinking I am moving out, and while paying heed to the fact that I could have to move back to the UK in three years. I also need to make space in my flat for a games table of a suitable size.

    Never argue with an idiot. They'll only drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.


    Guy Farrish

    Plans…? Goals…? Ooh I remember something about the last one! They sent me on a course about it at work. I took notes and everything!

    I must have them somewhere?

    Maybe in the attic… Oh I wondered where that had gone. What were they for?

    Sorry, what was the question again?


    15mm Necromunda

    Post Apocalyptic Wasteland Mutant something

    15mm Space Marines Dungeoncrawl

    Pulp Alley Solo


    Live through the pandemic, then get back to in-person gaming. So far this year I built a forest but haven’t painted any figures.


    Long-term goals:

    Fit a large gaming table into the house

    Re-fight all of the battles and campaigns that have happened in the British Isles for which there is some minimally-adequate historical record.

    Re-fight all of the major battles and campaigns that the major armies of all the constituent parts of the British Isles have taken part in.

    Re-fight all of the magazine scenarios that I own in some form or other.

    Give all of the rulesets I have acquired at least one game and review them.


    ian pillay

    Collect at least 1500 points of every Warmaster army, either original sculpts or proxies/ 3rd party versions (Cromarty Forge springs to mind here.)

    Paint the above collected armies.

    Establish a permanent painting station.

    Establish a permanent small 4 x4 foot gaming table.




    My long term goal is to still be alive this time next year.  Beyond that, nothing else matters.

    Play is what makes life bearable - Michael Rosen

    Geof Downton

    I suppose the nearest I come to a long term anything is my 15mm Biblical stuff, but it carries on regardless, with no real goal, other than to expand. Within that project short term goals and priorities change, and other projects run alongside and distract for a bit. I retired early to play with my toys and that’s what I’m doing; aims and objectives are a bit too much like work, so if they exist I won’t own up to it!

    One who puts on his armour should not boast like one who takes it off.
    Ahab, King of Israel; 1 Kings 20:11


    I have a few long term goals but the longest most important one is to find that one set of rules that could handle everything from solo RPG to fantasy skirmish to air combat and scifi space fleet battles. It also has to be simple, uses D6 and only need one or two rolls to resolve combat.

    Tired is enough.
    I like tiny miniatures

    Not Connard Sage

    Plans…? Goals…? Ooh I remember something about the last one! They sent me on a course about it at work. I took notes and everything! I must have them somewhere? Maybe in the attic… Oh I wondered where that had gone. What were they for? Sorry, what was the question again?


    Wot ‘e said 🙂

    I’ve got half a century’s worth of accumulated…stuff, some of which I even ‘finished’. And you speak to me of ‘plans’ and ‘goals’? Pah!




    "I'm not signing that"


    My two currrent long term goals.


    1. Davout’s 3rd Corps 1805-1807, with cavalry support.

    Some 28 battalions, unknown number of squadrons,  18 model guns. In 10mm.

    2. To expand all my SYW forces to 12 battalions,(currently at 3, 3, 4 and 4 battalions) as well as two brigades each of cavalry and 3 guns per force.

    This is in 28mm.


    Mine is to have a games room/workshop. We have been looking at houses because we are upsizing anyway, and found one with the perfect set up, but the house itself is smaller than we need. That was a shame.

    Norm S

    My short and mid term goals are to streamline my boardgame and figure gaming so that I am playing more games with fewer different rule sets, so that I am doing less rule learning and getting more out of my games with systems that I come to know better.

    I have a wide taste of interests in both board and figure games, so excess rule sets are having a significant impact on my hobby.

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