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    Buck Surdu

    I have been running a few WWII skirmish games set in the Philippines in 1941.  See http://bucksurdu.com/blog/?p=7446 for an example.  The only figures I could find in 28mm are from Pulp Figures.  Pulp only has a handful of figures and poses.  Does anyone know if any other figures are available?  How about Filipino cavalry?

    Buck Surdu

    John D Salt

    I imagine that WW1 Americans won’t do because the ones I’ve seen have respirator carriers at the ready. If you can’t find anything else that works, it might be worth getting some ordinary WW2 Americans with leggings and doing a bunch of head swaps to Brodie helmets with these:


    …at least then they will have the right weaponry.

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    For 1941 US troops in the Phillipines, you want figures in shirt-sleeves, wearing gaiters rather than puttees, and with Springfield rifles, not Garands.

    One possible source of bodies for conversion might be Boxer Rebellion US Marines. Here is the set from Old Glory. The rifle wouldn’t be a Springfield, but seems to have a bolt and a box magazine. Could it be a Lee? It might pass. The figures’ backs aren’t shown, I don’t know whether they have anything strapped on that would be out of place:


    A possible source for cavalry bodies might be Pershing Expedition figures, the cavalry are wearing boots and look like they have Springfield rifles. Again here is a link to the Old Glory figures:


    Of course you’ll need to convert the heads to tin-hat helmets, and I don’t know what brand will best fit the OG bodies. Another problem is that the officers all hold revolvers, not M1911 Colts, but that’s just a hand-swap conversion. Finally, you’ll need to find a BAR or two somewhere.

    Hmm. There are Marines in the Pershing Expedition series, too. Looks like they’re carrying M1903 Springfields:



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    Buck Surdu

    Thanks for the pointers!


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