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    Hi eveyone,
    I am moving to Gloucestershire in the not to distant future. I am not sure exactly where yet but it looks like it will be somewhere in or around Bishops Cleeve or Winchcombe.

    I am trying to find any active club(s) and players in the general area.

    I play a combination of table top and board games. Here is a short list of what is currently ‘flavour of the month’:

    Table Top:
    Napoleonics (15mm & 6mm)
    WW2 land (28mm)
    WW1 Naval (1/3000)
    Cold War Hypothetical Western Europe (6mm)
    Vietnam War (15mm)
    A Song of Ice & Fire (32mm) (Game of thrones miniature game due for release by CMON very soon)

    Board Games:
    Paths of Glory
    Commands & Colours (Napoleonic)
    A game of thrones (2nd edition board game)
    Fire in the Lake
    A Distant Plain
    Silver Bayonet
    Star Wars Imperial Assault
    (To name but a few).

    Please message below or PM me if your interested in any of the above and/or play in the region and/or know of an active club in the area.

    Many thanks,
    – Chris

    Avatar photoMike

    PM’s are accessible only to Sponsoring members or above, however this bunch of blokes are mostly ok:


    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    There used to be several clubs based in Cheltenham – Cheltenham Wargames Association, Cheltenham Civil Service Wargames Club and another whose name escapes me – pretty sure the Association at least is still going.

    There was also a Wargames club in Gloucester that met at the Gala Club.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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