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    Most scenery pieces made of laser-cut sheet material look lackluster and unconvincing to me. I’m looking for the few manufacturers that manage to go above and beyond, using clever tricks and complex, “in-depth” designs to mask or downplay the telltale 2.5D laser-cut look.

    Ease of construction is not a priority for me. I’d rather put in the time and effort to construct a complex set if the finished thing looks less 2.5D as a consequence. Similarly I accept that complex structures might be priced higher. So, “cheap” and “easy” don’t factor much into my definition of “good”, as long as the designs aren’t so sloppy that the parts don’t fit together well.

    I also prefer my structures to be “skirmish scale”, meaning none of that “reduced footprint” business. Small structures are fine as long as they’re meant to represent the size they look like.

    While my immediate motivation for posting this is to find something suitable for a cyberpunk project in either 28mm or 15mm, I’ll go ahead and make it a broader question that encompasses all scales and genres of sci-fi.

    Iliada and Gamecraft are two decent manufacturers I know of already. Some others I recall having seen in the past have apparently gone out of business.




    Some are blocky. Some are less so.
    I like the Institute.

    Mr. Average


    Australian based so the shipping and turnaround to the rest of the world might be tough, but the quality is excellent and ticks all your marks for size, depth, complexity, etc.


    Maybe not exactly what you are looking for, but I’d also take a look at Brigade Model’s new building components For 15mm. They could really enhance laser cut buildings, especially the cast building fronts and the street furniture. The building fronts are pretty affordable.
    Blotz has a few things that might work, the military HQ was one I thought was decent in 15mm.

    Mike Headden

    As well as those mentioned above I’ve used the following companies.

    Antenocitis Workshop (https://www.antenocitisworkshop.com/) do quite a range of stuff, especially their Designed for Infinity stuff.

    4Ground Publishing (https://www.4groundpublishing.co.uk/) do a large range of stuff in everything from Microscale to 32mm.

    Sarissa Precision Ltd (https://sarissa-precision.com/) do both generic 28mm sci-fi and specific Antares stuff as well as much else besides.

    Zen Terrain (https://www.zenterrain.com/) do some rather nice stuff at decent prices. I particularly like their “objectives” items and motorbikes.

    I’m sure there are others I’m forgetting!

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    Thanks, everyone. All but Zen Terrain are manufacturers I’ve checked out in the past, but had half-forgotten about, and I suppose I started this thread wanting to be reminded of them again. So, they’re precisely the kind of suggestions I was hoping for.

    Mike Headden

    Knew I’d missed at least a couple! One more for the list.

    PWorks Wargames of Italy (https://www.pworkwargames.com/en/) have a decent selection of MDF sci-fi stuff plus neoprene mats and various other bits and pieces.



    Growing old is mandatory, growing up is entirely optional!

    Cacique Caribe

    Hmm.  Didn’t/Doesn’t someone sell laser cut foamboard structures?

    Loads of WIPs: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/with/72157710630529376


    Hmm. Didn’t/Doesn’t someone sell laser cut foamboard structures?

    News to me. Some quick Googling has failed to turn up any such manufacturer, but it does bear out that foambord is feasible to cut by laser, which I hadn’t expected.

    I do know that not all manufacturers of laser-cut scenery use MDF. Some use 1mm card. Some use HDF.

    Mike Headden

    Just realised I forgot Warbases (https://warbases.co.uk/) whose sci-fi offerings include some items that need you to provide your own empty 330ml cans. Wargames terrain and an excuse to have another tinny – score! 🙂

    Growing old is mandatory, growing up is entirely optional!

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