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    Ivan Sorensen

    As I mentioned on my blog, I am looking for a few people to take on some projects I don’t have the manpower to do myself (because my manpower is me, one man power)

    To clarify: These are projects that will be paid, either a modest amount up front or half the royalties from the project in perpetuity.

    What I am looking for is:

    * Someone to take two Five Leagues From Home supplements and update them to second edition, with some added content and improvements.

    * Someone who is well versed in Matrix-style gaming and who want to take a stab at updating and polishing off War Story to a second edition

    * Someone with good knowledge of japanese medieval warfare, crusade era, roman era or late 1500s and capable of writing an expansion for Knyghte Pyke and Sworde

    * Someone to touch up and tweak From Shako to Coalscuttle to a second edition / update version.


    * A WW2 diehard who fancies writing a 1939 supplement for Hammer of Democracy

    If you have what it takes, is interested and want to talk about what these projects would involve, get in touch with me at [email protected]

    Nordic Weasel Games


    You could ask Chris Engle to do the Matrix game seeing as came up with Matrix games.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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