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    Hello all,

    It was early November and I was busy running with too many gaming projects when we as a family sit down to watch the Netflix series Daybreak.  The jocks tribe is a homage to Mad Max.  I had played a little of the Two Hour Wargames Machinas a few years ago and so I was inspired me to give another go. And also helping was that the Car Wars Kickstarter launched and I was a big 1st Edition Car Wars player way back when.

    So I decided I had to play some more Machinas as it is so solo friendly.  The game is run completely in a spreadsheet to automate many of the tasks.  All of the car generation and turn narrative is generated by the spreadsheet.

    The complete race report is on the blog:


    The cars setup for the first lap:


    Note that currently it does not seem Machinas is available to purchase anywhere.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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