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    Chris Nicholls

    With 11 days left they have smashed their initial funding goal for such a small company but they need support from the community to take it further.

    Initially funding the 3rd and 4th race, the Kickstarter has grown to fill out all four races currently in the Macrocosm Universe including a 5th playable undead faction.

    With ambitious plans to bring a human faction to the into the mix, Macrocosm is well worth a look.

    Pledges range from £5 to £100 with a wealth of add ons from the existing range and some new Kicstarter exclusives.

    Come show your support and follow the link below!

    Chris Nicholls

    More stuff incoming. There are 10 days left to get behind the KS campaign. Almost up to the jetbikes……

    Angel Barracks

    oooh do like the jetbike!


    Genestealer Cultists! There’s Genestealer Cultists!

    *Jumps up and down clapping hands*

    Chris Nicholls

    Less than 2 days to go…….fantastic stuff to see on the Kickstarter!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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