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    With the purchase and painting of far too many Perry 25/8mm medieval figures having been successfully concluded in less than a year – racing ahead of many other odds and sods on my painting table in the process – the time came to let the rabbit see the carrot and head down to the glorious West of England to take part in a hastily arranged but still over-subscribed 25mm ADLG competition at Devizes Attack! 2016.

    The Perry figures were duly packed into the box and the car, and soon the 6×4 table was graced with the first ever Madaxeman.com 25mm ADLG competition army – an “all the toys” Condottieri affair.

    The results were a visual feast as the 60mm x 60mm multiple-rank basing format (or 60mm x 40mm for some stuff) of L’Art de la Guerre appeared to work really well in giving a sensible balance between having enough moving pieces on table (around 20-odd), with enough figure density (2-4 ranks for everyone) but still leaving space for a degree of maneuver which prevented the games descending into the sort of head-on table-edge-to-table-edge slow motion crash that has sometimes (often) bedevilled unit-based 25mm games in the past.

    Glory at the eye candy, be mildly entertained by the usual crap captions and inane post-match analysis, and educate yourself with a host of rules hints, tips and explanations for the Most Popular Ancients Competition Ruleset In the World Right Now…. in full-on plastico-vision Big Toys widescreen !!

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    LOL nice presentation, love it


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    Lovely looking figures, there!

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