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    There once was a man with an axe,
    Who played ADLG to relax.
    A comp in Limerick Town,
    Would see much Guinness go down,
    On the plane was a Chinese army he’d packed.

    That Keith Duffy bloke was nowhere to be seen,
    But the chap from the Hobbit – yes, he’d been!
    The Emerald Isle suits this game,
    You can drink as yer’ playin’,
    Which in Limerick makes everyone keen!

    There were five games that went down in two days,
    Although hangovers made most just a haze,
    Many dice they were rolled,
    And when the final bell tolled,
    Well.. you must read on to see what Hannibal says!

    (If that all makes no sense at all, there are 5 new ADLG battle reports now on Madaxeman.com featuring Han Chinese in action in Ireland!)

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