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    Tony Hughes

    Hi Folks

    As some of you may already know, I run Tiny Tin Troops. Among the products we sell are magnetic bases and magnetic and soft iron impregnated vinyl (Ferrometal) sheets (that magnets ‘stick’ to). Now I’m after the community’s input on what to put on the market next.

    Recently I got a sample of a different brand of Ferrometal sheet. It turns out to be a thicker version than the thin stuff I currently sell and has better ‘grip’ on a magnet (about 30-50%) but also weighs over 40% more, so more cost in postage. I’ve seen similar products before but the price has always been too high but this is on offer due to overstock so it will actually allow me to make some price reductions. I’ve tested the sample and so far it is at least equal quality to my usual stuff and has a higher iron content.

    Currently I only offer the one size of 255x175mm – chosen to fit a range of common storage boxes with a bit of cutting and also an efficient size to reduce wastage when cutting from the large rolls it comes in. What I’m looking for is some advice & comments on what sizes people will actually use so I can offer sizes that are the most useful to gamers.

    Remember that this is the stuff to line boxes with so that magnetic based figures will stay safe in transit, not the magnetic sheet itself (which I also sell).

    Possible suggestions are 295x205mm (to fit A4 boxes), 330x220mm (to fit the 4lt & 9lt Really Useful Boxes) or 360x260mm (single sheet to fit box files). I’d like to know what sizes you would find useful and be likely to buy. The practical limit is set by postal restrictions at about 430x330mm for bulk purchases and 340x230mm for 2-4 sheets.

    Any ideas welcomed and taken seriously.


    Tony of TTT


    How easy is it to cut?
    Can I buy a big ass sheet and cut it with some regular snips at home?

    Tony Hughes

    It can easily be cut with large scissors but large sheets are difficult (and costly) to ship. The rolls are 620mm wide but shipping an item that wide, even rolled up, would be expensive in postage (has to go Parcelfarce) and need significant extra packing. That’s why I cut it to smaller sizes to sell on.

    I have sent narrower rolls to customers in the past and used corrugated boxes for packing but even that can get expensive and I don’t have many options other than Royal Mail as my sales volume isn’t enough to get deals from other shippers.




    Hi Tony, did you mean to write ‘ParcelFarce’, or was it just a judicious typo? 

    I would throw in my vote for the 330x220mm to fit the Really Useful Boxes, as they are my go-to for storage these days, and at least from a UK point of view are pretty popular with a wide range of hobbyists.

    All the Best, good to know Tiny Tin is continuing to innovate and grow!

    Tony Hughes

    Not a typo, they do have a rep for being less than perfect.

    There is a typo in the RUB size though, it should be 330x210mm.

    I tend to use a mix of the three types I’ve suggested but I know there is a huge range of storage options out there so I wanted to pick the collective brain of TWW for ideas and info.

    A lot of self-adhesive backed stuff has problems sticking to polythene and similar plastics, the stuff I normally get is usable but not great. Time will tell for sure but this new stuff does seem to be better. Generally good news except for the increased weight.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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