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    Secret Squirrel

    Back in the 80s and 90s when I was a youth I bought my 15mm Naploeonics from MiniFigs and Essex and jolly good they were at that time. As I tend to revisit, rebase and reorganise every 10 years (sound familiar?) I find that my original figures have been changed with figure range revamps. How frustrating that my 15mm Essex Austrians from the late 90s thus cannot be added to with current Essex figures. So I continue the ebay and 2nd hand market search ….

    It's me


    Yes “Secret Squirrel” I have had the same problem with Front Rank, bought his figures in the 1980’s wanted to add more figures to my 28mm Napoleonic and Seven years war armies about 10 years later.  Only to find all his figures had changed in size to giants.  Do not get me wrong Front Figures are lovely but there size is to large for my collection of figures.

    My solution has been to sell my all Napoleonic infantry (still not sure if I want to sell my cavalry and artillery) and I spent several years with my SYW on hold until somebody produced the figures I wanted to finish my collection (Crann Tara Miniatures and a lucky purchase of Spencer smiths cavalry).

    I suppose manufactures find the need to update to maintain and improve there products to help sales (though apart from changing to metal Spencer Smith has never improved their sculpts).  Modern casting techniques have improve over the last 25 years and it my be more cost effective to sculpt a new figure than improve the old, I don’t know maybe we are fussy war-gamers or figure collectors.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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