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    My first attempt with the Mavericks, missiles I actually find rather overcomplicated to use.

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    Maverick splash damage is pretty high if the trucks got destroyed as well.
    CBUs were anti-climatic, maybe something to do with the settings you were playing with earlier?
    You forgot to do the obligatory flare popping when you pulled away 😀


    Yeah I broke the CBUs, I saw in the replay.  Thru hit the ground without ever opening. Just a couple of thud sounds.

    Yeah the mavs do a lot of damage,  and these are the “small” ones with just 57kg explosives.  You also get big ones with 150kg of explosives.

    That said explosive power down scale well in DCS. The 2000lb mk84 bombs are only slightly more powerful than the 500lb mk82s. Remember the frustration of trying to destroy 3 wooden barracks standing close together. No way I could blow up all 3 with 2 mk84s. The blast radius of mk82 is almost the same as mk82. The 84 will deliver more damage to a single target(like factories you can place on the map or larger ships etc.) But the effective range is more or less the same

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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