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    Looking over my old Battletech collection and I’ve realised I really need to strip and repaint, repair and re…something, pretty much everything. Seriously I have no idea how the paint got so chipped on these.

    But can you name all of them? :p

    I’ve finally decided on units to do things too, which was a big problem back in the day. Too many possibilities. I’m going to go with a Lyran unit on the Free Worlds League boarder, and one of the opposites. Though given the amount of patterns that need painting I’ll probably stick with camo for most of the light/medium mechs, with the unit colours as a patch or torso half, that kinda thing. Might make the clan mechs for something like the Kel Hounds or Wolf-In-Exile in theme. One of those lot hanging around Arc Royal anyway.

    There’s also a bunch of tanks that will need doing but I lack the paint colours I did them in originally so can’t finish the unit. In for stripping they’ll go too.

    I’ve also been working on converting up some of the starter set mechs. They’ve been converted to variants that should be around in 3062+ so the Assassin gets a bigger gun and a choppa, Vindicator get’s it’s arm buffed to an ER PPC, a load of extra lasers in the torso and a sword of it’s own too. Cyclops gets a bigger torso because I think it looks better And the gun gets moved/beefed up a bit to be a gauss rifle. I’ve faffed around with a bit of arm repositioning and the like to try and make the models look less static. Will have to break out the greenstuff to finish everything off properly.

    So there’s some plans. Lets see if I can follow-through with them.

    Not shown: even more mechs… and I have a package of some more on the way. Damn it Ebay! Mechs are like tanks for me. I just end up with too many models somehow. And I don’t even have infantry/battle armours yet…


    Alexander Wasberg

    Nice collection you’ve got!

    I like the conversion bits, the cyclops in particular 🙂

    Angel Barracks

    I wish I could get into mechs…



    Nice collection you’ve got! I like the conversion bits, the cyclops in particular :)

    Ta. The collection keeps quietly growing when I am not looking somehow… I found out I have most of a Maelstrom (minus an arm, one of those unfortunate 3058 designs) today from a box of guff I ended up with (mostly fantasy models from dead companies).

    I wish I could get into mechs… :(

    You could try sculpting some industrial mechs (quadruped, maybe hexapedal designs) for your own range and see if that helps?

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    Angel Barracks

    Spooky, I am going to try my hand at a Junker robot thing.
    Four legged industrial thing modified to shoot up the RDF.


    Small update. Scrubbing miniatures is hard work. however I have decided I am in love with this shade of red for cockpit …well not glass because it’s Battletech, but what on something less sci-fi would be cockpit glass. Vallejo model colour Bermellon/Red.

    I have literally no idea what colours the rest of this mech are going to be, though I think I’ll go with something Clan Hell’s Horses for the clan mechs. I like those idiots and their stupid vehicle designs and mixed forces. A few more tanks for the collection are here, couple of Myrmidons and Rommels.

    Bert And Ernie have also been having a bit of a repaint. Sticking with their old mixed grey urban scheme but just making it a bit less terrible. Hunchbacks are a mech that’s pretty much always done me well, being weirdly durable for a slow medium (once they get CASE anyway to stop ammo explosions). I have a plastic one from the starter set, might have a go at making it into one of the ‘swayback’ versions, missing the big cannon and using the tonnage for other armaments. I think that maybe the laser-shotgun one with something like 9 medium lasers might be good.

    Angel Barracks

    …well not glass because it’s Battletech, but what on something less sci-fi would be cockpit glass.

    Transparent metal you mean, mostly a steel based alloy; Transteel, or T-steel for short.


    Ok so it’s not all mechs…

    Seen here with a mix of my own hastily carved buildings and the way, way nicer equivalent from Leven. I don’t think I even need to point out which is from where, given one set looks fairly terrible and the other doesn’t despite being unfinished. The buildings are technically under-scale for Battletech’s miniatures, who are only really 6mm in name, they’re really more into what I guess would be 8mm, since 10mm stuff is pretty huge next to them but they dwarf the 1:300 stuff of technically equivalent size from Heroics&Ros, GHQ’s 1:285 too unless it’s something monstrous like Namers/Merkava IVs. Either way I think having under-scale buildings works quite well for the small-scale stuff. There’s not so much of a requirement for having them accessible and usable by miniatures as there is with larger stuff, and they’re frequently representing an area of terrain more than they are being individual buildings.

    My matt varnish decided to be far less matt than usual so I’ll have to dig out the old Testors can and give things a spray. I’ve gone over the models again but there’s still a surprising amount of glare getting picked up. I think I will have to put the tanks on bases as well, I mean the size difference is already pretty notable (Battletech has the problem that mechs and tanks both had to fit into the same hex map spaces, but the mechs have been inflating over time, increasing the disparity) so the base-boost will be handy. I think I need to get back to finishing off those conversions that I started so I can them painted up, and let myself move on to other conversions and stuff.


    Finally I’ve managed to figure out a paint scheme for my Sagittare. This thing has been bothering me for years. Problem was that it’s a mech that deserves something a bit more bright and bold, but I didn’t want it to look out of place with the rest of the force for it to go with who probably wouldn’t have shared the same colours. It’s being attached to my Lyran force, who are well known for their assault mechs. Ok technically it’s a Federated Suns mech design but I’ve seen them in Lyran Guards colours, so it’s not inconceivable that a bunch were salvaged, bought or whatever. It happens a lot in Battletech’s setting.

    Anyway, since I didn’t want to go with parade colours I worked on the idea of having a muted grey-blue rather than bright blue scheme. Which lead to putting the unit’s colours as a chunk of an arm panel or similar to give a coherent theme. Which lead to me thinking ‘hey, why not just add more stripes and stuff?’. I think It could do with another highlight pass but I am reasonably satisfied with the result and will do similar on the other Assault mechs for the force.

    The Heavies and smaller are getting camo. Blue-grey became blue-grey plus green to break up the surprisingly plain form of the Thanatos, which shall have some additional bits of detailing thrown in. Technically another Fed. Suns mech but traded with a lot of people, it’s supposed to be a fast heavy, working to support lighter designs. Hence the big legs I guess. Has an interesting backstory in that it was supposed to be a modular design (hence the big chest bumps and blocky arms for room to install different weapon sets quickly) but because of reasons I can’t remember, it was only accepted as a design once nailed into a specific form. The old Archer on the right, being a support mech seemed like as good a candidate for the same colour scheme.

    The Cappellan Confederation got to join in with a whole bunch of tanks and a couple of mechs, including the converted Cyclops from the intro box. They’re getting a solid green scheme, much brighter green than the tanks of the previous post in order to make them distinct, with pale yellow highlighty bits.

    A Marauder and Thunderbolt (redesigns) are entering the mess of mechs too now. They took one hell of a lot of pinning, though I did enjoy the flexibility of poses because of that. A lot of the old designs suffer from looking way too static and some newer ones perhaps too dynamic, so being able to decide for myself is great.


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