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    Alexander Wasberg

    Prepping for the release of Horizon Wars in now less than a month, I pulled out my copy of Mecha War. I guess you could call it a predecessor, since it is the basis for the game mechanics used in Horizon Wars, only it’s exclusively mechs instead of combined arms like HW.

    The site of the engagement.

    The Crimson patrol, two heavies and a light mecha.

    The Cerulean strike force, likewise two heavy and one light mecha.

    Battle erupts quickly, and by the end of the second turn the Cerulean light has overextended itself and is destroyed in the ensuing crossfire.

    Lasers and missiles fly in both directions, scoring multiple hits on both sides..

    But the pincer attack finally overwhelms the Ceruleans, losing one heavy to enemy fire while the other is captured. Crimson victory!

    It’s deceptivly simple rules, easy to learn and plays fast but with nice tactical depth. Can’t wait for Horizon Wars!

    You can read the full AAR at the blog:

    Thanks for reading!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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