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    Ali Dogan Sayiner

    Hello friends,

    What do you think about mechs and walkers in future warfare ? Do they have future ? They can be successful against tanks, drones and the infantry?  Or we just love them too much ?


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    Angel Barracks

    I can’t see them being used.
    They have the potential to trip over, fall down and drop whatever gun they are holding.
    Tanks won’t drop their guns, or fall over, nor will they be so tall you see them a mile off.


    Human sized powered exoskeletons with or without armour is the foreseeable future. Especially given that’s what is already in development.

    Mechs though are too impractical. Something the size of a space marine dreadnought is really pushing it as far as a large suit might practically be. Battletech’s Battle Armours are in their own way one of the more reasonable interpretations (some of them anyway), following the tradition of Starship Trooper’s marauder suits but with drastically more limitations on mobility and armament. Quadruped or hexapod designs are probably the more realistic direction for anything not directly worn, given their advantages in stability and mobility over bipeds.


    David Stuckey

    Multi-legged crawler walkers are probably the most likely future vehicle, as their advantages over wheeled or tracked vehicles in certain terrain are probably worth developing. Something like tank or recon vehicle versions of “Big Dog” for example.

    craig cartmell

    In the last thirty years, there has been a lot of urban warfare in which tanks and lighter armoured vehicles have proven not be the best fit. Perhaps it is there that mechs can bring the close support heavy weapons that the poor bloody infantry need to succeed.


    The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare

    Angel Barracks

    I reckon better guided missiles, maybe painted by small remote drones would be the bane of big clunky mechs.
    Infantry sends off its remote tiny drone the size of a tennis ball, not spotted by the enemy, it lurks within LOS of the mech, and bang the missile from miles away hits the mech.
    No infantry risk, just tiny robot drones.

    Ali Dogan Sayiner

    When I think about a “mech” I don’t think a clunky, slow moving weapon.

    -Mechs can fall, and they will but they should be able to stand up.

    -Drop a weapon? Unless they have hands and fingers. They might have changeable weapons but they won’t hold them with their hands.

    -Visibility. That’s why mechs are in shape of human(Or humanoid)

    . They should crawl if necessary.  They should able to hide themselves.

    -Mechs also will have defence systems. Armors-reactive armors. They also will carry multiple drones. As a anti-drone. Drone vs Drone battles will occur.

    -Mechs don’t  have to walk always they can have tires and legs can be used when necessary .



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    Ivan Sorensen

    There could be special circumstances that we cannot predict, on alien worlds, that warrant them, but in any reasonably realistic near-future, I can’t imagine it.

    Though some sort of powered exo-skeleton allowing faster movement and more weight-carrying seems like it may be pretty close.

    Nordic Weasel Games

    Alexander Wasberg

    I’d say it depends on the size and scope envisioned for these mecha.

    Battletech-sized 9-20 meter mechs will probably never be very practical, but I’d like to think that mechs along the lines of the scopedog from Armored trooper Votoms( a roughly 3-4 meter high mech) might be possible.

    Most likely any mecha would be designed for urban combat, and it’s more plausible that we’ll see different forms of powered armour that might skirt the boundry between Power armour and mecha.

    Most of them will have 4 or more legs for stability I reckon.

    That’s my 2 cents anyway!

    Ali Dogan Sayiner

    Thank you everybody 🙂

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    One big problem with walker type mechs, regardless of how many legs used, is ground pressure. Even if you assume deployment in an urban area, how much are urban areas covered with green or even open, unpaved spaces?

    Sink meh!

    Nathaniel Weber

    I highly doubt that large walkers will ever be a feasible weapon system, but tank-sized/large-human sized stuff? Maybe, if the locomotion can get worked out. Could be useful in urban combat, where this is ample 20-foot high cover to hide behind.

    Assuming power systems, armor, etc can be worked out.

    However, the rule of cool makes mechs welcome on my gaming table!

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