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    Sean Gewecke

    I need some of the good guys to face off against all those goblins I’ve been working on.  I have quite a few men of Minas Tirith, so have painted up a batch of them as a test run.

    The results look pretty good and I think this will be the basis for painting the rest of these guys.  Base coat of silver, pick out some details and a black wash.  You can’t get too much simpler than that.

    I have a pile of these guys that are unpainted, but I also picked up a batch of guys off ebay some time ago that were already painted.  However, they are not painted very well.  I’m not a fan of repainting models, so I’m going to “fix” them instead.  Essentially, my plan is to do as little work as possible to make the painted models I got of ebay match these guys.  They don’t have to be perfect, but I do want them to look as if they came from the same army.  Stay tuned to see how that project turns out.

    As always more can be found on my blog.  http://gamingandshooting.blogspot.com/2016/05/lord-of-rings-men-of-minas-tirith.html

    The best player, isn't always the winning player.

    Angel Barracks

    Nice simple and effective.
    And importantly, Quick!

    They are nice sculpts too.


    Sean Gewecke

    Quick is important.  I’d rather have an army of decently painted models than a pile of unpainted models that will be “pro-painted” some day.

    Of course, I do have lots of piles of unpainted models regardless of how simple I can paint these. 

    The best player, isn't always the winning player.

    Sean Gewecke

    I’ve finished the “fix” of the painted eBay models I got a while ago.  I’m happy enough with the results given the limited amount of work that I had to put into them.



    This project gives me enough men for 4 units of 12 men each for some Dragon Rampant games.  A little more work and I will have a whole army.

    More pictures and details can be found on my blog.  http://gamingandshooting.blogspot.com/2016/06/lord-of-rings-more-men-of-minas-tirith.html

    The best player, isn't always the winning player.

    Maff Sparkes

    Good work there. I picked up a few of these in a very dodgy state on eBay and was going to junk them until I noticed how TV Westeros – the helmets look. So I salvaged the heads and stuck them on Perry WOTR men at arms.

    Neil Scott

    Nice work on these. Always nice to see figures being refurbished

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