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    Jon Winczek


    About merging units it is written in FoF rulebook on p. 27. where there is put limitation to reduced units, that limitation didn’t exist in old classic AA rulebook however. There was also old AA supplement to solo rules with kind of AI for irregulars. Main and efficient strategy for irregular player was to make big mobs of irregulars with attached leaders to attack strong regular units. So joining single small units (single RPG/RPK gunners with small arms guys, etc) make strong unit about 8-10 or even more men.

    However in case of new rules from FoF book it makes some confusion.

    Lets analyse immortal “contracting trouble” scenario from FoF rulebook; irregulars start with some scattered individual units (i.e. solitary RPG gunners, two man RPG team). How to define how irregular player can build his lethal units now, according to the rules? 2 man rpg unit or 4 man small arms unit is considered reduced or full unit? Is irregular player allowed to build 10 man units by merging smaller units from the table? If such merges are not allowed anymore it makes big change to game balance – irregular player has much bigger trouble to fight regular forces

    Any ideas :)?


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    I think that this limit is only for units that start the scenario with a determined number of men.

    If I start with a unit of two men, this limit is of one man. Otherwise, if my unit is of one man, there’s no limit.

    Jon Winczek

    Yes,it is according to the FoF rules, but it changes scenario balance as I mentioned it.
    Anyway that issue is not clearly explained in the rules and it is some unclear gap between classic AA and FoF.



    AA is the seed, FoF is the plant that grew from it, and the second FoF issue is a generation further on so they will not be and are not the same.
    I would imagine that the restriction applied in FoF is to stop people merging two or more whole starting units into an unstoppable force… though that might be applicable to a human wave assault.
    In the “contracting trouble” scenario I would say the starting units given are considered as the full unit for the purposes of merging in this scenario so the 6 & 4 man units would have to be reduced to 3 & 2 respectively before they can merge, however, the single figures and leaders can join any unit, not forgetting the automatic oncoming reinforcements and that defence is based on the lower of incoming firepower,or, unit strength plus armour & cover..
    So yes, it may make a difference to your tactics but it may play better.

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