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    There was a recent topic that whilst I understand the subtle meaning it did not fit within the forum it was posted.
    So I moved the topic into another topic that had the right feel.
    It is possible to merge topics into one another, to create just one.

    Which brings me to the question…
    If someone starts a topic that has already been done previously, would you like the topic to stand alone, or would you rather it be merged with the previous topic to make a bigger topic that keeps the same ideas/answers in one place?
    Merged topics are added onto the end of the earlier one.

    Guy Farrish

    Generally: stand alone – new slants, new perspectives.

    To be discursive for a sec – depends on how/why the previous thread ended – I recently started a thread asking if anyone had any thoughts/photos of a show I missed – a couple of people answered and then someone started another thread with their photos of the show. I wouldn’t have minded the two threads being merged in any way from my point of view – but I can see that the other poster might have wanted his thread to stand as the headline – he had been to the show, taken the photos and taken the time to post them for goodness sake, why wouldn’t he! Merging my request on the end would have confused the heck out of other people.

    There was another thread which ended with a whiff of gunpowder and the question arose independently – thought leaving the old thread to fade away was an excellent idea.

    If there are two threads, roughly contemporaneous, that address the same thing – no problem – in most cases however, I’d leave them alone.


    Taking the long term view of TWW, the site gradually will become a treasure house of stored information. I think *any* simplification or re-organisation that the editor can take to make retrieval of data easier would be welcome.



    General Slade

    Stand alone.  People can always put a link to a previous discussion if they think it is relevant. I think merging topics sends out the wrong message.  It’s like saying: “We already discussed this and you should have checked the the database before posting.”

    Norm S

    stand alone …… unless the format can change (like boardgamegeek), when new poster have posted since you last looked at the thread – all the new post are boxed in red AND you are taken straight to them, rather than being sent to post number 1 and having to scroll forwards. Of course you have to be signed in for that to happen.


    Currently you do not have to scroll, you can go to any topic and view the last reply in it.
    Even with say a topic of many of pages, you can from the first page go directly to the most recent reply with one click.
    Not sure if that is what you mean though?



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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