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    I have finally, after much procrastination, started working on a 6mm modern project; rather than taking the easy way out and gaming a European Theatre, I am doing the Cold War in Africa. The reason that I want to do this in 6mm (when I already have a lot of post-WW2 African stuff in both 15mm and 28mm) is that I want to field fairly large forces, including helicopters, armour, artillery, etc., without breaking the bank, and I want to be able to play out urban-combat scenarios without having to buy a second home to store all the buildings. However, one of the requirements for an African urban sprawl is, sadly, lots and lots of shacks/shanties.
    In 28mm these are easy – for corrugated iron, corrugated card is your fried. In 15mm, this method is a little less convincing, but is passable. In 6mm, well I don’t think I will be able to get corrugated card with the corrugations close enough together. So, for all you veterans of the smaller scales, what do you do when you want to model corrugated iron?

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    Used HERE and HERE

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    But do you buy corrugated plasticard, or do you just take a sheet of regular palsticard and score it with parallel lines? Very nice shacks, by the way – if I didn’t want a lot I would have said to hell with it and ordered, but with the number I want, it would cost me a fortune just for the shacks.

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    Depends upon how much time you have on your hands.  Personally, I’d go with buying it, I’ve got far too many x-acto scars as it is…

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    If you are into scratch building, Plastruct offers 1/200 corrugated plastic sheet.  It might be small enough to pull off the look:


    Evergreen also makes some styrene sheet that might work:


    Note that the Plastruct sheet is basically double sided, but very thin.  Use a glue, rather than solvent on it, as to can very easily melt the sheet.  it is very easy to work with though.

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