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    Mick A

    Two of us tried playing Bolt Action on a 3’x2′ playing area at the local club last night. We used 15mm figures and cm instead of inches, it worked really well once we got used to judging distances in cm… The forces used were early war Wermacht vs BEF Highlanders.

    The battlefield

    The glorious sons of the Wermacht (guess which side I was using…;) ) advance towards the BEF positions.

    The BEF set up a HQ in the ruined building and start to form a defensive line.

    The view from the BEF line.

    The Luftwaffe sent an inexperienced pilot as support, he ended up strafing the Wermacht infantry gun…

    Lucky he caused no casualties but they did get rather pinned…

    We ran out of time but with the advance in full swing and the BEF finding themselves being pinned left right and centre we have decided to carry it on next Wednesday… 🙂


    Nice looking game……I never stick to the ‘scale’ that rules are sold for……Rapid Fire in 1/300 is a hoot!

    Do you like the Bolt Action rules?

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    Mick A

    Thanks 🙂 I’ve only played early war (and VBCW) games of Bolt Action and they work really well if you use historical formations. I find them easy to teach as well, this game was against an opponent who hadn’t read the rules but he picked it up almost straight away (we managed to get six turns done within two hours).


    I have just read a report/review of the rules via the Warlord Games (?) website……wondering if it was sales propaganda !

    I must admit the description of close combat there has alarm bells ringing………it may have been the way it was written !?



    "Even dry tree bark is not bitter to the hungry squirrel"

    Ivan Sorensen

    “Micro-gaming” like that can be a ton of fun. There’s something nice about a table setup where you can sit down and have a reasonable view of what is going on.

    Nordic Weasel Games


    Great looking table !!

    Norm S

    Thank you, very interesting. I have just downloaded the rules onto my Kindle. They are less than £2 at the moment.


    Yes great looking game – really love the way you’ve done the topography – a real feeling of the curve of the hill. Had to laugh at the Wehrmacht ‘blue on blue’

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    Mick A

    Thanks everyone 🙂

    Gary, in firefights you work out how many dice you need to roll to hit then roll any hits to wound, in close combat you work out how many attacks you have and just roll to wound. Normally the unit that initiated the attack rolls first then any survivors of the defending unit roll to wound unless the combat is over a defended object in which case both units roll simultaneously, its very quick and bloody…

    Sparker, that was typical of my luck…

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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