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    Hello everyone its that time of year for those that live in Southern California to get in your game submissions for “Mini Wars 2018” It takes place at California State Universtiy Fullerton Oct 13-14 two full days of gaming that includes Historical Miniature and non Historical games. These events also are for Tabletop Board Games as well as we have a large dedicated area for that as well. Here below is the contact information for GM’s to submit their games.

    Miniwars 2018 October 13-14

    Game submissions go to me the listed persons below. These include all board game demos and miniatures games

    All tournaments will be submitted to Troy Hill. He is coordinating all tournaments. Please do not send tournament info to Kevin. Contact info for both is listed below.

    If you don’t want kids playing your game say so, if they can play with a participating adult say so, if your game is kid friendly please say so. A couple of people have already submitted games, I need them in this format, please. So if you can fill this out and resend to me that would be most helpful.

    Please tag anyone you think would be interested in running a game.

    Contact for Game Submissions:
    General Game Events: [email protected]
    Tournaments: [email protected]
    General Convention Inquiries Harmon Ward: [email protected]

    Tentative Events Include:
    Maus Haus: FOW Tourney
    (details upcoming)
    Game Submissions
    If you wish to host a game, please email one of the above coordinators (games or tourney) with the following information about your event.
    Game Master Name
    Game Master Phone and email
    Name of Event: The name should lead to the year of the battle being depicted. e.g. 1914-The Battle of Jutland-The Run to the South
    Number of Players
    Rules, Rules Version and Scale of Miniatures: Name of the rules used, publisher and edition. Provide a link to their website or the rules if possible. We want to encourage the players to come prepared for the game. If the rules are Homebrew give a link to them for the players to download. Newcomers are often reluctant to commit to playing a game for which they have never read the rules.
    Space Required: We have an incredible array of tables and stage sections available. Let’s make use of them. Table depth of over 6′ is possible but contact us as soon as possible because those impact the surrounding tables.
    The day you wish to run event (Saturday or Sunday) – See Below
    Age Limits: Check out the game descriptions at Historicon online for go ideas of how to word these
    What players should bring
    Description: 3-4 sentences minimum that describes your setup, the sides, and the objectives.


    This is the conventions in the second year. There will be lots of things to see and do

    Mini-Wars 2018
    Two Historical Days of Fun
    Saturday, October 13th and Sunday, October 14th
    Titan Student Union 800 North State College Blvd., Fullerton , CA 92831
    Gaming Saturday from 9:00AM-Midnight and 9:00AM-9:00PM Sunday
    In the 1970’s there was OrcCon at CSUF. And it was amazing. Over the
    decades tabletop gaming with miniatures or boards grew. There was no
    computer or telephone between you and your opponent and the conversations
    were memorable. Come join us for anything miniature and
    anything historical. This convention will be held in concert with the
    International Plastic Modelers Society Orange Con with it’s 3,400 sq ft of
    vendor area. Their event is Saturday only in the same building as Mini-
    Wars. Join us for the weekend. There will be hotel rooms at a discount
    rate available at the Marriot Hotel. Come join us in and slow life down to
    the speed of conversation and dice.
    For additional info:
    Or email Harmon Ward, HMGS-PSW President: [email protected]

    Battlefront Games: Flames of War
    Wargames Research Group: De Bellis Antiquitatis
    Many more are being planned

    The Boardgame Room will be active all weekend
    long with a number of monster games like
    Supremacy planned. Those with specific start times
    will be posted on the website. Open games start all
    day long.

    TWO DAY PASS = $25
    ONE DAY PASS = $15

    Supervised children 13 and under may attend free of
    The HMGS-PSW is a 501(C) Educational Corporation. The
    cost of your tickets is tax deductible.
    We have dozens of great games planned in a variety of time
    lines and scales waiting for players. Call your friends and
    make some plans to join us

    There is no such thing as a Dead Game as long as there is two playing it.

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