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    John Treadaway

    Hi – it’s that time again: Miniature Wargames 414 is about to hit the shops which marks my (first!) year as Editor. What’s in it this time?

    Front Cover

    Firstly, there’s Remember the Maine! An exclusive game supplement for Spanish forces in Imperial Skies with a scenario (and with unique downloadable cards). This is basd on the 1/1200th model line by Brigade Models and is written by their Tony Francis.

    Imperial Skies

    Chris Jarvis presents Frontier Warfare: the second – and concluding – piece on a solo campaign set in the 19th century colonial period featuring on-line downloadable content.

    Colonial Frontier

    But – after asking about short wargames rules rather than long campaigns – Robert Piepenbrink has given us Creighton Abrams’ War: a very succinct set of rules for just the WW2 micro-armour games (though useable at any scale) if you want to finish them in short order: playability without sacrificing too much detail.

    Reinventing an Old Friend is Jon Sutherland’s take on reinvigorating a passion for a set of ‘old school’ ancients rules and making them fit for the 21st century gamer and this issue contains the second of a four part series.

    Reinventing an Old Friend

    If that’s all a bit too historical, how about a Dragon hunt set in the dark ages (or thereabouts…): Uhtred and the Fire Dragon is Gordon Lawrence’s take on this

    In Wargaming My Way Dave Tuck tells an interesting journey through a lifetime of gaming while the Editor takes a trip to the Claymore show.


    Also: more scratch building scenery with both Custom House (a 4Ground SF building conversion) and the Wargames Widow makes a Balsa based tower in two scales.

    Custom House

    In Send Three And Fourpence columnist Conrad Kinch discusses the problems around juggling children and wargaming,  plus an ACW adaption for The Portable Wargame.

    Send 3 and 4 pence

    We have our review and reporting sections: in Forward Observer and Fantasy Facts and Recce where we review the latest products and reading material plus the Club Directory.

    The magazine is already available for pre-order on the website.




    John Treadaway


    "They don't have to like us, snake, they just have t' make the payment schedule" Lt Cooter - Hammer's Slammers
    Phil Dutré

    I’ve added issue 414 to my growing index of wargaming articles:


    Tiny Tin Men Blog: http://snv-ttm.blogspot.com/
    Wargaming Mechanics Blog: http://wargaming-mechanics.blogspot.com/


    Love the Porco Rosso hotel in that seaside Aeronef shot. Ahh, Brigade Models, you know all the shortcuts to my heart…


    I’m thrilled to see Imperial Skies get some attention.

    The tree of Life is self pruning.

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