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    John TreadawayJohn Treadaway

    Issue 443 of Miniature Wargames we have the Mexican Revolution, seven other historical and fantasy scenarios, Quatre Bras, lots of scratch building so much more!

    On the cover we have Viva La Revolucion! Viva Mexico!: An Early 20th century scenario with a painting guide and Black Powder rules adaptation (with downloadable tactical cards).

    But if Black Powder takes your fancy, check out the first of the seven other scenarios: War in the Far East: uses Black Powder for fighting the Boxer Rebellion.

    The swathe of exclusive scenarios doesn’t stop there: it includes Tuttlingen, a 30 Years War scenario on the snow boards built in issue 442. Or you could try The Lost Morddhic Killing Fields for Warmachine & Hordes.

    If Historical is more your jam, how about The Dragon and the Eagle’s Egg? It’s an Iwo Jima based scenario for Bolt Action.

    Or you could get all nautical and try Minnows Against Sharks for Warlord’s Black Seas. What about The Boxroom for Infinity:

    Or The Great Train Heist for Malifaux.

    But, if you want to ponder another scenario, how about Napoleonic? In Jon Sutherland’s Command Decision your Marshal Ney and you’re at Quatre Bras. Good luck!

    In Send Three and Fourpence, Conrad Kinch gives tips for time poor painters and how to make the most of the hobby with a Guide to Coarse Painting. But, if you want to scratching, we have another practical build: a Thatched Hovel plus (in 28mm) some FREE card gothic watch towers (no circular crisps in a tube need be consumed in the making of these items… but it does help!)!

    Club Spotlight features the Bexley Reapers.

    Finally, we have the review sections – Quartermaster for accessories and Defence in Depth for Figures and rules, plus we have Forward Observer for news plus Recce for a book reviews.

    Last Word goes to Mike Hutchinson.

    Have fun!

    John Treadaway


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    Thorsten FrankThorsten Frank
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    *desire to know more intensifies*

    Ahm, and btw, does somebody know if the said Mr. Hutchinson is member of this fine forum? Another desire to know more insentified today…

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