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    What’s in the print and digital version of Issue 446 of Miniature Wargames? Well we have some exclusive scenarios (including for the new Oathmark system) and a stunning painting guide!

    Belgeroth’s Last Stand is an exclusive Oathmark Scenario by rules author Joe McCullough.

    Backing up the Oathmark goodness, there’s also a stunning guide to Painting your Oathmark Elves by Kevin Dallimore.

    For those that want the chatter of Tommy Guns, there’s an exclusive rule set and linked scenarios for booze running in the 20s with Bootleggers, Stetsons & Chicago Pianos.

    It’s 87AD in the Dacian Frontier: you are Decebalus but – in Jon Sutherland’s Command Decision – the question is can you stop the Roman invasion?

    In A Game for our Times we have some simple modern AFV combat rules which are – in the current situation – useful for solo or remote play. To help with that, Conrad Kinch gives us some guides for remote gaming in Send Three & Fourpence.

    For cattle rustlers, there’s Build a Well: a scenario for Dead Man’s Hand.

    We have a thought provoking discussion piece: Bolt Action – is it Authentic? Or is it ‘just’ 40k for WWII? And – if it is – so what?
    If you want to scratch build we have an unusual topic from Tony Harwood he constructs a Ruined Tower for Elder Scrolls.

    Club Spotlight features the South London Warlords.

    Finally, we have the review sections Defence in Depth for Figures and rules, Quartermaster for scenery and accessories plus we have Forward Observer for news and Recce for eleven top notch book reviews.

    Last Word goes to The Editor: he’s concerned…

    John Treadaway


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