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    John Treadaway

    And – no sooner has the last one hit than the next one’s lined up! Yes issue 465 of Miniature Wargames and we we have another winning selection of scenarios, scratch builds, painting guides and rules.

    On the cover we feature Rome Rules: a Punic Wars alternative to play with a rules mash up based around a set you may already own: GWs venerable Lord of the Rings set. There are stats for the Roman Republic, Carthage and some commonly used allies and mercenaries. The question is, are you Hannibal enough?

    We have Command Decision. As a follow up to last months Falaise scenario, there is Counterpunch. It’s a completely stand alone game set in St Lambert-sur-Dives in North-western France game in late ‘44.

    In Send Three and Fourpence Conrad Kinch asks “Who loves referees and umpires?” Well, it turns out, that he does and he offers up some solid tricks and tips to help you be the best referee or umpire possible.

    French Descent Features a veritable feast for the eyes: in an epic build for an eighteenth century, 40mm game, the author lays out how to build a Best of Show game for Partizan! While we are looking at epic scenery, adding to last month’s Creepy Crypt Tony Harwood constructs a Stone Chapel.

    Russian Civil War features another Scenario and rule systems for a simple – yet revolutionary – game. In The Dead Are Following Kevin Dallimore speed paints some Lord of the Rings style Oathmark undead figures.

    In Let’s Do The Time Warp & New Ground: the editor reports on some show visits to Show visits to Salute and SELWG and – finally – we have the review sections with a bumper crop of Defence in Depth for Figures and rules, Quartermaster for scenery and accessories plus we have Forward Observer for news and Recce for insightful book reviews.

    Last Word Features Mantic’s Rob Burman.


    John Treadaway


    "They don't have to like us, snake, they just have t' make the payment schedule" Lt Cooter - Hammer's Slammers

    I’m betting right now rob Birman mumbles on about something to do with goblins! 😎

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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