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    John Treadaway

    In the July edition – number 472 of Miniature Wargames – we have another stonking issue all aspects of the hobby

    On the cover we have Big Guns: Cretan Beach Assault. It’s the Oltramarini Assault during the Ottoman–Venetian War 1668 and it’s another Command Decision to contemplate!

    Inside, ask yourself, can you stop the Aliens? Play Lost UFO to find out! In the second part of a two part piece the Editor develops a game inspired by a ‘70s TV show. Set in 1980’s, the Aliens are coming to earth to harvest humans. This final article covers the rules used for solo or group play.

    In Send Three and Fourpence Mr Kinch gives us part two of a Cold War scenario: Having a Shufti is a Fighting Patrol scenario, again based on British Army training films for UK and Soviet forces and using Black Ops rules.

    In Live Free Or Die we have part four of this three part series on The War of 1812… This time it’s that most beloved of Hollywood concepts: a prequel. The Battle of Tippecanoe. This includes special downloadable cards and map.

    In Battle of the Bridge we have a scenario for the new Wars of Orcs and Dwarves rules by the author Buck Surdo. It demonstrates the flexibility of his new set of fantasy rules.

    In Scratch Build Tony Harwood builds a Slaine style Dark Ages Roundhouse.

    We have a trip to the Broadside wargames show plus  sex aleae: Now that we have your full attention, Arthur Harman ponders what you can do with a reduced dice set. Alternatives to ‘buckets of dice’ are explored…

    Finally – we have the review sections with crop of Defence in Depth for Figures and rules, Quartermaster for Modelling and scenery reviews, plus we have Forward Observer for news and Recce for insightful book reviews.

    Last Word Features contributor David Mustill, Broadside organiser.

    John Treadaway


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