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    In issue 483 of Miniature Wargames we have another great selection of scenarios, rules, and scratch builds for the wargaming enthusiast.

    On the cover we have Dog of Two Head: another legendary skirmish game scenario set in classical ancient Greece using the new Men, Myths & Monsters rules. This is written by Chris Swan for the Tales of Men, Myths & Monsters rules (by Caliver Books).

    In Send Three And Fourpence we have Despise Not Your Enemy. This is a solo campaign for The Men who would be Kings with a sceanario and three more to be downloaded. It uses some unique ideas for logistics that might even keep you fit while you play…

    In Command Decision Jon Sutherland uses his new Mad Dogs & Englishmen rules for the conclusion of a two part campaign: Cawnpore 1857 On to Lucknow has a selection of three Indian Mutiny scenarios.

    In Stirling Work: The Mayne Chance we have an LRDG scenario using DAK ATTACK and written by the rules author.

    In Nihon shugi: Pyongyang 1894 we have the conclusion of our two part Sino-Japanese scenario in 20mm.

    For mass napoleonic fans we have Defeat & Disaster at Waterloo! This is a refighting of Waterloo with 12mm figures and electronic assistance by Valcryx.

    In Practical Wargames Scenery Tony Harwood is creating a Minotaur Memorial (suitable for Greek mythological scenarios, funnily enough!), and in Partizan the Editor takes his camera to the first of this twice yearly event.

    Finally, we have the review sections with a bumper crop of Defence in Depth for Figures and rules, plus we have Forward Observer for news and Recce for ten insightful book reviews.

    Last word is by John Treadaway.


    Have fun!

    John Treadaway


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