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    Avatar photoRichard O’Connor

    Hi guys,

    We have our KS relaunch happening at the end of this month, date TBA.  This KS focuses on the Monsters of Underdeep, the lumbering behemoths of the subterranean world including Bugbears, the Zombie Hulk, Flesh Golems, Lizardkin Deathscales and Minotaur Guardians.  The models are made of the highest quality resin and on average stand at least 55mm tall.

    We will be releasing the rest of the 28mm range early next year, starting with Goblins, Zombies and Lizardkin and later concentrating on other factions like Orcs, Drow and Gnolls.

    This Kickstarter will enable you purchase the various monsters on offer as well as a plethora of additional parts for you to convert and customise your creatures.  Each model will have various arm, head and weapon options available to it.

    Below are some of the renders of the models themselves, concept art and renders of the custom parts as well.

    Avatar photoMike

    Don’t forget to share the KS link.

    Also – oddly, not all these images appear when I view this thread in IE.
    On Chrome all the images appear though.. odd.
    Will look into it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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