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    One of four games run at this month’s meeting of the DWG was this 15mm Hail Caesar set-to with Mr Steve’s new collection of Mithridatic Pontics versus a restructured Marian Roman army built long long ago, possibly in another universe and now rejuvenated for the twenty-first century.

    If you would like to see how the game played, then just follow the link to the club blog.


    Jonathan (JJ)


    Sane MaxSane Max

    Nice, extra nice to see HC being played in 15mm.

    Can I ask you a rules question? Since you obviously play more than I have so far.

    here’s a unit, fighting two, one of them in support


    If unit XXXX destroys unit AAAA, is it able, using sweeping advance, to hit BBBB in the flank, this turn? Its first move would be to the front, which doesn’t break the proximity rule as far as I can see. I am slightly unsure about it, and I think it’s the onle thing in the rules that I doubt myself on. Is that first move sufficiently ‘to the front’ ? Half the unit will be wheeling into the rear. Do you see where I am struggling, or am I overthinking this?

    Mr SteveMr Steve

    yes it can hit the flank but it would be very hard to make it into the rear sector

    Page 78  para 3

    ” Often a target will be a unit previously offering rear or side support to a destroyed fighting unit”

    Page 79 para2

    “it allows a victorious unit to fold onto the flank of a long battle line and roll up…”

    points to remember:

    throw for potential disruption

    you get two moves so as you can move in any direction and if there is no one in front stopping you ( proximity) then your first move is to turn on to the flank  , second move charge  ( see charge rule)

    cannot be shaken or disordered

    opponent can make a charge response

    as for doing it this turn, it depends on the new target.

    If the enemy have not been involved in any combat this turn then fight a new round immediately.

    in your example above then no, that unit has fought this go as a support so the sweeping advance/charge would be fought in the following turn.

    I played it wrong in our game so don’t worry about being confused.


    Sane MaxSane Max

    Phew, glad you agree, and thanks for the useful quotes, and points to remember.

    A Lot of GaulA Lot of Gaul

    Great looking game, especially with massed 15mm armies!

    "Ventosa viri restabit." ~ Harry Field

    Mr SteveMr Steve

    Thanks everyone, there are many more games like this on our club blog

    Oddly I have only ever played Hail Caeser in 15mm with armies of 500 points , when I play in 28mm I use other rules. This coming weekend we will be playing 28mm Ottomans v Hungarians/Crusaders using Swordpoint.

    Sane MaxSane Max

    Not that odd. It’s always struck me as a major PITA to get all your stuff on a table in 28mm and finish a game. I played WMA and it seemed like an obvious, and natural progression to play HC in smaller scales

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