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    Kaptain Kobold

    MOAB is on in Sydney this weekend. Here’s my report of the first day, which features very little in the way of information about the event, aside from the games I was running or involved with. I was very focused all day …

    But perhaps other eople who were there can add their reports.

    MOAB is a great three day show in south Sydney. Like a lot of such events it has a lot of cometitions and tournaments; on Saturday I saw DBA (3.0 and 2.2), Team Yankee, X-Wing, Bolt Action and … stuff I didn’t recognise. There are also a few demo and participation games. Personally I think there should be more.

    We ran gladiators (using the Munera Sine Missione rules) and Mad Max car chases (using Machinas). We also did a bit of chariot-racing (using Ave Caesar). A good time was had by all


    On Momday I’m playing in the HOTT competition.

    Kaptain Kobold

    I skipped the Suanday at MOAB, went for a walk with my wife and saw a migrating hunpback whale. That was good.

    On the Monday (for MOAB is held on a Monday public-holiday weekend) I played in the one-day HOTT tournament. I used my venerable Pendraken Fishmen, with added Cthulhu.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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