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    This thread will be about a 1980 Modern Argentinean army that I am completing. You might have seen these if you frequent The Guild. I recently played a game of Sabre Squadron and really enjoyed it. It felt like what the WRG Moderns should have turned into after the 1979 set, instead of the current (1993) set. I also thought that lower quality armies will be more playable in SS than WRG and so I went through my collection.

    I found an 80s Argentinean Armoured Cavalry army that I have owned of about 25 years and it was one of the first I brought (I got it second hand off a guy who had thousands of Micro Armour  pieces. The figures have sat in a box all this time apart a brief spell where I converted it to a scfi army, by adding hover skirts and different turrets!

    So I got them out of the box and stripped the paint and tidied them up. I replaced all the tank barrels with brass rod (with green stuff fume extractor), and added some stowage to the vehicles.

    A bit of a strange choice for my first project but these will be fun and a little different. The models are a mix of Scotia, H&R and Skytrex. I plan to add some Rh202 20mm and 35mm GDF AA guns, AMX13/75s, SK105 Kurassiers and more TAM Tanks. The infantry will be GHQ Third World Regulars. I brought a can of Tamiya AS-15 Tan USAF which will be the base colour.

    Most of the force

    TAM Tanks

    VCTP Infantry Fighting vehicles

    M113s, AMX-VCI and Jeeps

    M102 105mm guns (should be M101 guns), M35 and Unimog Trucks, VCTP Mortar carriers



    Here is a couple of sample vehicles I finished to see how they would come out. So far I am very pleased and I think they come out very well but I am going with a stronger highlight on the base colours on the rest of the models. There isn’t a lot of details so the shading is quite minimal (otherwise I am just staining the base colours). Also I need to add some aerials which will be fun.



    And another post catching up on progress.

    Hi all

    I’ve almost finished the first batch of infantry – about 85 6mm figures, and here is a WIP of them. These are mostly infantry but there are 3 Mortars and 2 HMGs but you cant seen them very well in the pictures. These are GHQ Third World regulars and are great for a lot of armies such as NATO, South Africans and Argentinians.

    The figures have had 2 shades of colours followed by a gloss varnish and then a wash. I think I need to highlight the uniforms again as the wash has reduced the contrast. Its hard to see but I managed to highlight the details on the face including the noses and cheeks.



    Very cool project.

    Years ago, we played a couple “Falklands Plus” games in micro-scale cobbling together what we could for the Argentine forces.  I’ve always wanted to return to that , but never have.  Your work is very inspiring, I may have to consider exploring it again.  Thanks for sharing your project.


    Good stuff. The Argentines have some useful kit with the possibility of interesting ‘What ifs’ with Chile and Brazil. To help out I’ve added the TAM, SK105 and VCTP to the Main Datasheet:




    Thanks, I will post some piccies on the Sabre Squadron forum as well.

    Anyway, I’ve finished the first batch of Argentinean vehicles – These are all 1/300th models by Scotia except the AMX-VCI which I think is Skytrex. I photographed all these and then realised I hadn’t added the aerials!

    I’m pretty happy with the results and they do very well in regards to the 2ft rule  😀 especially considering these are not GHQ quality. Some of the black oil wash seemed to mix in with the varnish and made the models look a bit grubby. The next batch I will try a Vallejo wash as I have had a few problems with Oil washes and my varnish.

    All of them!

    TAM tanks

    VCTP IFVs Lovely models

    VCTP Mortar carriers the undercoat on these was too thick and it obscured the details.



    Iain Fuller

    Many thanks for posting these Kieran, really interesting as I was wanting to see the TAM/VCTP models from Scotia before ordering some and a cracking looking force too.

    Also good to see those GHQ figures, will be getting some of them as well!




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    They are nice models, although these are old so the molds may not be as good. The detailing on the TAM and VCTP is very in general. There are a few things missing like the remote mg on the VCTP  and some details on the TAM turret but overall they are good.


    Hi all

    I’ve finished my infantry ( a companies worth) and based them  for Sabre Squadron. Also I painted up some support weapons  which are 2 HMGs and 3 81mm mortars with observers, but somehow I miscounted and I am 2 bases short of Rifles!




    Very happy with the results on these but I may need some better pictures to show off my fine painting skillz.

    I’ve got a few more infantry on the painting block to finish off the missing stands and add some more figures to the mortar and HMG bases, as they look a little empty. And I want to use these figures for geneic NATO infantry so I am painting some Milan and SAM missile crews.

    EDIT I just noticed the edges need a touchup as you can see the magnetic stuff underneath


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    Reinforcements have arrived. My order from H&R turned up and I now have

    4 Kurrassier Tank Destroyers
    6 AMX13/75 Light Tanks
    3 M113s
    4 Jeep with HMG
    1 Jeep with RCL (not sure why I only ordered 1!)
    2 FK-20  20mm AA gun

    I’ve added some stowage to them and a gunner on one of the M113s. I might try and add some crew to the jeeps as well.

    Apart from 2 GDF 35mm AA guns from Scotia, I have all I need for the army.



    I’ve finished some more 6mm Argentinean armour. I went for a lighter wash and stronger colours and they are brighter than my first batch of vehicles. I also remembered to add the aerials (made form paint brush bristles) and I’m stoked with these models. Note the models are shown much larger than the actual size so the flaws are very apparent!

    Some more TAM Tanks



    M35 Truck

    Unimog Truck



    Darryl Smith

    A lot of great work going on there! I would not have the patience nor skill to add new barrels or radio antennas, which in this case really adds to the tanks. And the patience to paint the truck windows so nicely…wow!

    Buckeye Six Actual

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