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    Guys, I am stuck here.

    I have some funds for hobby purchases, and I am at a complete loss as to what to get. I want to bulk out my armies but find myself not too interested in grav vehicles. I also like tracked tanks and wheeled apcs.

    I will probably buy some things from Brigade and GZG. I want some others from AB. But there just aren’t enough variety of tanks for my liking.

    Would it be weird to get a bunch of modern armoured fighting vehicles and put them with my mechs? Will it look weird having a challenger next to power armour?

    Avatar photoMike

    What about the Darkest Star stuff?

    Avatar photoMr. Average

    I’m actually a big fan of modern stuff mixed with sci fi. As Modern tends to be a bit smaller than 6mm it can point up the scale differences nicely. Have a look at GHQ’s Israeli vehicles for example. Or put modern Abrams and T90 tanks out with mechs to match and do the Cold War Gone Wrong.

    Avatar photoRules Junkie Jim

    Something you might try is a mix n match of turrets and hulls, from both modern and sci fi lines. For example, I’ve taken turrets from a Brigade Models Sci fi tank and put them on a Heroics and Ros T80BV to create… well, I forget what I called it, but painted up it looked fine!

    Avatar photoGaz045

    I use S-tanks from Irregular in one army and Brazilian tanks in another…….lots of multi wheel trucks too, Stalwarts and Hemmts etc for civilian vehicles pressed into service and contractors. Some of the Soviet engineering vehicles make good construction site or farm vehicles too……..

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    Basically I’m with Mr Average on that. GHQ models are nice and there’s quite a lot that’ll fit the bill. American ┬áStrikers, German Boxer, French VBCI are all good for wheeled APCs. The German Puma IFV is worth a look. Since it’s slightly off scale and bigger. There’s a number of futuristic looking tanks like the Swedish CV90105 and the South Korean Black Panther.

    Avatar photoThuseld

    As somewhat of an update to this, I bought some BTRs, Leopard IIs, Challenger IIs, Mastiffs, an Australian 4 wheeled van and some south African land rover type things. They look brilliant and I think with some cool paint jobs they will fit right in with my sci fi forces.

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    Using modern (or even other periods) vehicles, weapons, infantry is fine. Lets face it for us it is 90% aesthetics anyways.

    Personally I used to prefer air cushion vehicles (ACVs) for my sci fi armour. Then I read a bit about the brown water navy in Vietnam and the PAC-V (hovercraft). Very fast and could react quickly to bring troops and weapons to bear but… Hellishly loud. No stealth here. Enemy knows you are coming, and what with, long before you get there. So accept grav tanks (anti grav), clunky tread or wheels or announce your presence before you enter the game board.

    Avatar photojavelin98

    If it helps any, I have a number of 6mm sci-fi turrets for sale on my Shapeways store, and I can certainly whip up something more to your specifications, if you send me a sketch or description.




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    Avatar photoThuseld

    Some of those turrets look lovely!

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