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    Anyone one own any RPG books from them?
    What do you think of the quality of background writing and settings?
    Anything you liked or didn’t like?
    Do they have a pattern in the way they write settings like skimping on some aspects or focusing on somthing else?

    I’ve found out they have Homeworld RPG and thinking of getting it for the settings. Thanks in advance, I’m hoping I’ll be able to transplant all my scifi games into the Homeworld settings.

    Avatar photoMike

    Just bought the Conan 2d20 book.
    It is a lovely book, great quality, nice art, even has a ribbon page holder.
    It smells great too.

    Defo a good quality book.

    Don’t like the rules though, and have reservations about how they portray the Conan world.
    But in terms of the actual production values, very nice.

    Avatar photoMike

    Oh and if you buy a physical book, they send you PDFs of the book in printer friendly format and full colour.

    Avatar photoDeleted User

    reservations about how they portray the Conan world.

    Thanks for the response.
    Can you expand on this?
    What misgivings do you have?

    Avatar photoMike

    So for my money, sorcery is the realms of bad guys and should be used only by NPC villains.
    There are however a couple of ‘classes’ that allow players to use magic.
    This does not sit well with me.

    Also, the players are too heroic.
    For me Conan games are about struggle and living in the moment as you could be dead tomorrow.
    The baddies come in grades and the most common minion is so weak I can’t see anyway a player could lose to one or even more of them.
    They are literally there simply to die, even Conan in the stories was not that immune to watchmen and sailors and guards.

    I have not read their background section as I am not sure it would add much to what I know, that and I have only had the book about a week.

    I may read their background and report back.

    Avatar photoDeleted User

    Thanks again.

    Avatar photoMike Headden

    I have a copy of 5 Parsecs From Home  from them. Excellent production values and, as Mike says, you get the PDF as well as the hard copy.

    Have two more titles from them on order as Xmas presents.

    Not cheap but worth it would be my assessment of their stuff.


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    There is both the core book and a free quick start version on drivethrurpg. I would suggest getting the free book and seeing if it is well done enough for your needs. At 68 pages for the free version it must get into the weeds so you could see if you like it.

    Avatar photoDeleted User

    I do have the free pdf but I’ve only interested in the setting, and the quick start doesn’t show a glimpse of that.

    Avatar photomadman

    Is the homeworld setting from novel(s), movies or TV shows? Judging by the cover image it looks like lower technology version of Traveller. Just curious.

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    Homeworld is a computer strategy game. I’ve only played the first game and know a bit of the lore, and wanted to know how well Modiphius presents background.

    Avatar photomadman

    Here is a fandom wiki page. I find these of some use when I want to delve deeper into some arcane game/rpg/anime. You may already know of it.


    Avatar photoMike

    and wanted to know how well Modiphius presents background.

    I will have a read the next couple of days.
    I guess it depends on your POV?
    As noted, I think in Conan that magic is pretty always written as the domain of nasty foul sorcerers, but Modiphius disagree.
    For me (and many others having delved online) this is a big mistake.

    As for the rest, I will get back to you.

    Avatar photoDeleted User

    Thanks Mike

    Avatar photoMike

    So there are about 60 pages in the lore/background section out of the books total of around 400.

    It is presented as a combination of diaries/journals and observations of a scholar of the time who travelled the Hyborian world.
    Oddly it is also interjected with notes from a professor from Miskatonic University and his notes on the above mentioned journals he has found.
    I get the connection but am not really sure it adds anything?

    I skimmed a few sections I am more familiar with (short stories I have read a number of times) and they seem sound enough.

    It is hard to say, you have REH’s work, then that of the authors that came after him.
    You have the comics and you have the films.

    I think it tries to blend all the sources and make as cohesive a setting as it can, though it does mention that whilst A says that X was something, B says that X was not like that at all.
    So it does give caveats as to why you may disagree with some presented facts, which seems fair given the variety of the source backgrounds origins.

    Summary, fair if not a bit odd in its presentation.
    There is a lot to cover and 60 pages is no where enough to do it all justice, but it does a fair over view I think.

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    Would you say it gives a general overview or a more moderate level of detail into the world?

    Avatar photoMike

    General, enough to play a trope version of a player from the kingdoms, but with the setting being so vast and added to by so many, it would be hard to pick up all the subtle nuances and even then there would be contradictions and exceptions.

    In gaming terms enough.
    For someone wanting to learn about REH’s world in detail, a rough overview.

    Having said that, the section on Zamora is moderately detailed to high?
    It has good descriptions and even names an inn and some streets in certain areas.

    I suspect if I wanted to RPG in the Homeworld setting and I GM’d from what was in the book, you would be ok with what I presented.

    Avatar photoDeleted User

    Thanks for the review.
    Homeworld RPG does have 100 pages of back ground, I guess I’ll get a Christmas present for myself.

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