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    Following the latest trend my next project, 15mm fantasy. I must say it’s coming along nicely. First time I’ve painted 15mm minis and scenery and I must say I’m enjoying it. Prologue is ready and chapter one is underway as I type this. So, I will add to it as time goes on once the minis and scenery are ready. I have no idea how the story will go but that’s half the fun. A preview of some of the minis, these are the good guys. There’s still a bit to do on them, so not quite finished. I might flock the bases a bit and a few final touch’s are needed. Also I’m still waiting on the last component for the scenery. Once that arrives the prologue will be up and the adventure will begin. Oh, I haven’t decided on the rules yet, must look at that.

    Meet the Knights of Olde, also known as The Brotherhood. An ancient order of elite knights. Their task is to protect the vulnerable, help the poor and guard against injustice and evil. But they also have a primary mission and that is to keep the secret of the Moonstones. To keep the Darkmere at bay, for if a Moonstone were to fall into the possession of dark powers. Then darkness would blight the land for sure. For three hundred years the Darkmere remained dormant. Now, it’s awake, it’s heard a Moonstone call.

    These guys are the hero’s. The lower ranks consist of standard Knights, an entry level when you first join. Typically each Brother will have a gambeson for protection and the usual helmets and other minor items of equipment. All Knights of Olde carry two weapons. In this case a spear and arming sword as standard. Also as standard they will have their own shield. Free to paint it as they choose.

    Then as they work their way up they can take a command staff position. Commonly a lieutenant or guard captain. Some choose a more non combat roll. Priest or monk. These are highly respected and a candidate will study for years. Medicine, sorcery, enlightenment are just a few subjects one will learn. For those who really excel, a Master rank is very prized. A very senior position indeed. For the very rare, the final rank: The Grand Master. These Knights have full mail coats and generally better armour. Shields are optional but again all command Knights will carry a secondary and primary weapons. Their primary will be a weapon of their choosing. A warhammer, sword, axe etc….but no ordinary weapon. These will be made out of Herculaneum Steel. The most prized material of all.

    So, join the characters in the adventure and see if they will prevail in their quest!

    Darkest Star Games

    Nice!  Can’t wait to see what you do with these dudes.

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    Compelling background story, I like this idea a lot. Paintjobs are nice too, love the shield designs.

    What figures are they? Normans from a historical range?




    Basically yes, they are Baueda’s from the East Frankish range. I was looking at various crusader knights first but couldn’t find anything I liked. Then stubbled on these. I’m not the best at painting minis, a bit better at scenery if I’m honest. I’m also trying out new paints as well, so a bit of trial and error. But all in all I’m quite pleased.

    I might have the prologue up by the weekend. Just got an email from the courier and last bit I’m waiting on is on its way!


    I like the background idea and the freedom for customization. Very interested in seeing how you manage the adventure.

    Tired is enough.
    I like tiny miniatures


    Hang on…. what are their names?!


    Why? Have you cottoned on to where I’ve gotten the main inspiration from?


    Taking a little longer than I first thought. Just waiting on a few things to dry then all the scenery for the prologue will be ready. In the mean time I can start by splitting it in two. The second bit will follow very soon. I hope. In the meantime let’s get the adventure underway!


    Prologue – Kindred Spirit

    Master Godfrey rode hard. Pushing his horse to the absolute limit. He knew he had to stop. He knew he had to take breath but his cause was too exigent . He had to get back to his Brothers and the encampment. Then his horse collapses from exhaustion and Godfrey gets thrown from the saddle. His face hits the ground and he rolls over. He lays there a while, getting his breath. Then he moves over to his horse.

    “I’m sorry my friend…..I’m sorry for all this” he says with sorrow as he places a hand on the stallion’s head. Aurora was more then just his trusty steed. He was his friend, companion when times were hard. But Godfrey knew this was greater than both their life’s.

    He painfully gets to his feet. His face bleeding and his body aching. Then something started to unsettle him. He stares into the woods, looking hard. He knew he was being pursued. Then his fears were confirmed. Out of the gloom of the trees comes a figure. A knight; A knight on foot. Godfrey wondered were his horse was. No foot soldier could of came this far without a horse. It was most strange. But it mattered not. Godfrey was in danger and he knew it!

    He forgot the pain as he drew his sword. Kindred Spirit was a bastard sword with no set identity as such. Hand and a half grip, allowing single hand and a shield combat or be wielded with both hands. Unlike most swords she was forged from Herculaneum steel, beautifully balanced and without doubt the finest blade in all the lands. But today she would wield slightly off balance.

    Godfrey readied himself behind his shield. The knight came straight for him without falter. Godfrey knew he had to kill him quick. More enemies would surly come so he dropped his shield and used both hands to grip Kindred Spirit.

    The mysterious knight parried Godfrey’s attack and struck, catching Godfrey’s mail armour under the arm. But before the knight could follow through. Kindred Spirit’s Herculaneum steel blade came true. The sword smashed into the knight’s sword; shattering it in two. Godfrey wasted no time, he had the advantage now. He brought his sword up over his head and brought it crashing down. The impact was devastating. Taking a chunk out of the knight’s helmet. He fell back onto the ground and Godfrey, changing grip drove his sword deep into the knight’s chest plate. He withdrew it and stepped  back exhausted.

    He picked up his shield and day sack from his fallen horse and made his way out of the woods and into a clearing. He looked and around and caught sight of a small farm. He started to make his way to it then he winced in pain. He felt under his mail coat. Felt the warm blood run down his body. It seemed to be more serious wound then he first thought. The pain increases as he falls to his knees.

    To be Continued…….


    Kingdom of Heaven!!



    Ooh, close Mike, very close. Knightsfall, actually. Dunno if you have been watching it. But any how, Knights Templar is the main inspiration.


    Meanwhile…. Edric was busy tending to the farm when he looked up and noticed a figure. He seemed to be kneeing, maybe injured. Edric couldn’t tell. Then he noticed that he was a knight. But no ordinary knight, a Knight of Olde, a member of the Brotherhood. Godfrey looked up as Edric approached.

    “Master Knight, what happened? Let me help you” cries Edric

    “I need a horse…..I have to get moving. I need to get back to my Brothers” Says Godfrey.

    “But you’re hurt, you’re in no condition to ride. Freda!” Edric calls his wife.

    A pale faced young women emerges from behind one the the farm buildings.

    “Freda, fetch water and cloths”

    “I need a horse” Says Godfrey again, this time nearly dropping to his knees.

    “You can’t, you need to rest here. Let us help you. You can recoup your strength” Says Freda.

    “No, there’s no time” replies Godfrey

    Godfrey realises that his wound is bad and trying to ride will be futile. He looks at Elric and places a hand on the young farmers shoulder in order to bestow him.

    “The Brotherhood needs you to do something of great importance. Ride to the Brotherhood encampment at Eastling and find Captain Laffdrey. You know the town and the encampment? Give him this sword” Godfrey took Kindred Spirit and offered it to him. “Give it to Laffdrey, he will know what to do”

    “B-B-But, I cant leave the farm. There are animals to tend to, the crops need harvesting, I have duties” protests Edric but he knew that this was serious. No Knight of Olde would give up their sword unless absolutely necessary.

    Freda throw Edric a concerned look.

    “You can’t go” she cries

    “It’s okay, Eastling is less then a days ride. I will be back by nightfall tomorrow”.

    He says, looking to reinsure her.

    With out further delay, Edric mounts his Mare with Kindred Spirit on his back. Says a final goodbye to Freda and spurs his horse on. Godfrey watches him go as he disappears from sight. Then a scream snaps him into life. He turns and finds Freda looking at a figure. A quick approaching knight!

    “Quick, go inside and secure the door”. He says, pushing Freda towards the farm building. He watches the knight as he comes straight for him. Another one, he thinks to himself. He notes the gash on the knight’s breast plate. He also notes the gash on the knight’s helmet and the reforged sword. Then he realises this wasn’t another knight, this was the same knight! What witchcraft is this he thinks to himself. No matter, Godfrey knew he had the stop this knight.

    He drew his arming sword. All knights carry a secondary weapon. Some a mace, others a spear. Godfrey preferred another sword. A simple one handed arming sword. Wasn’t made from Herculaneum steel and nowhere near the same league as Kindred Spirit. But it was well made and a capable weapon.

    Godfrey waited until his opponent was in range. He put the pain to the back of his mind. Then tucked himself behind his shield and attacked his foe……….

    To be continued…….

    Well folks hope you’re enjoying the first bit and that concludes the prologue. Working on part one now, although I’ve done a fair bit of scenery and some of it is written. There’s still a lot to do and the fortified camp is taking a lot of work. The question now, will Edric make it to Eastling Encampment? What’s so special about Kindred Spirit? And who is this mysterious knight? Stay tuned for more adventures.


    I’ve been a bit late catching up. Great stuff so far! I like how I’m getting a sense of late autumn or snowless winter from the vegetation.


    I like the farm, the vegetables are especially cool for some reason.


    That village is so cool.  I love the vegetables.


    I haven’t abandoned this project. It’s merely taking more time than I first thought. Also I have been sooooo busy with work and haven’t had much time to spent on it. But rest assured I still have managed to bring it forward. Probably at least another week.


    I like the layout of the settlement. The vegetable patch is very nice, the wall and base really makes it look damp and muddy.

    Tired is enough.
    I like tiny miniatures


    Thanks peeps, been slow going but here we are and keeping with the damp north theme I have finally done the camp. All in all I’m quite pleased, should prove fine for a reasonable piece of scenery. Although the foam has warped a bit so doesn’t sit flat. So, let’s continue with part one.

    Chapter One – Fire and Water

    Eastling Encampment

    Eastling is one of Knights of Olde fortified camps that sits on the main regional trade route. The purpose of this fortified camp is to guard against bandits and provide a safe site for travellers, pilgrims and merchants alike. That might want a safe bed for the night or simply a spot to take rest bite. In return they give a tribute.

    The guard peers over the wall at the approaching rider. He waits for him to reach the encampment gate before challenging him.

    “I seek Laffdrey” Shouts Edric.

    “OPEN THE GATES!” comes the response.

    Laffdrey stands in his Council tent and looks down at Godfrey’s sword as he lays it on the table.

    “He gave you his sword and told you to give it to me?” Asks Laffdrey, throwing an uncertain look at Edric.

    “Yes, he said you’ll know what to do”. Replies Edric

    “You have done well, the Brotherhood thanks you. These men will escort you back to your farm.” Says Laffdrey making a gesture towards the knights standing near the tent’s entrance.

    “Take what men you need. Go with Edric back to his farm and bring back Master Godfrey” orders Laffdrey to Lieutenant Bartrem

    With that Edric and the men were gone leaving Laffdrey alone with brother Grelak, the Elder Priest.  He stepped forward looking down at the sword.

    “He said you’ll know what to do. Well, what are you going to do?” Asks Grelak.

    Laffdrey gives him an uncertain look.

    “I don’t know”……..

    ……..Sometime later Laffdrey returned to the council tent. He picked up Kindred Spirit and stared at it, trying to solve the riddle. Then, using one hand he wielded the blade. It was indeed a fine weapon but seemed very slightly unbalanced, very strange. He checks the sword by running his hand over the pommel. Then he pushed with his thumb and the pommel opened. To reveal a small blue stone inside. He called for Brother Grelak…….

    After studying the mysterious blue stone, Grelak vanished to his chapel then returned with a special holy lantern. He inserted the stone into, what seemed a purposely made inlay set into the lantern. Then to both of the men’s amazement a blue picture shone on the side of the tent like a projection.

    “What is this? Oh wait…..it’s a message….and this seems to be showing a location too. It’s written in Olde and I can’t decipher it yet. If there is more to this then I have yet to discover it”. Says Grelak.

    “The riders have returned, come Brother Grelak, Master Godfrey should be with them” Says Laffdrey, as he hurried out the tent. Closely followed by Grelak.

    Laffdrey was surprised at seeing Edric return with them. But more importantly there was no Godfrey. Lieutenant Bartrem explains that they found the farm burnt to the ground and Master Godfrey and Edric’s wife missing.

    “There is nothing there for me now” replies Edric, looking sadly down at the ground.

    “Me and Grelak have discovered something that might shed some light on all this” Says Laffdrey gesturing towards the council tent.

    “I know where this is, Barthmont hill. A mighty castle once stood there. I think” . Says Edric looking up at the projection on the tent wall.

    “Yes, Barthmont castle, stood for over 700 years against the Darkmere. The last King to rule there was King Alduin”. Explains Grelak.

    “Barthmont indeed was mighty, said to of been impenetrable. Folklore has it 300 years ago the Darkmere poisoned the King’s mind. Undermined his authority, the King went insane. Killed his entire family then committed suicide. He’s buried in a crypt in the castle grounds. Soon after the King’s demise, Barthmont castle fell into darkness and ruin”. Says Grelak

    “Barthmont castle, despite being a glimmer of it’s former self. Is controlled by Lord Moebius, a treacherous and viperious man. He, along with a small army reside in the more intact parts of the castle”.  comments Laffdrey.

    “Yes and there is a small monastery there too. Run by a very noble and altruistic friend of mine, brother Malek”. Adds Grelak.

    “Yes, yes but what is the significance of all this?” Asks Bartrem. Pointing to the lantern.

    “We ride in the morning for Barthmont Hill. See if Lord Moebius is in a forthcoming mood to answer some questions. Then maybe we can find out the significance of all this. If not, maybe brother Malek could enlighten us. We have to be careful though. We won’t be the only ones that seek answers”. Says Laffdrey.

    “Indeed, it is possible that the Darkmere has awoken. Master Godfrey was being pursued and if his pursuer was an agent of Darkness we have to be careful. For a Knight of Darkness can wield more than just black Magic”. Says Grelak.

    Meanwhile……outside in the camp the guards start their night shift. Brother Edward’s mouth starts watering as he walks past the hog roast.

    “It’s not ready yet, be patient” comes the response from one of the kitchen staff. Being in a camp which sits on a main trade route. Means there’s no shortage of supplies. Not only do they have access to quality meats. They also stock up on exotic fruits and spices. However, recently there has been a strange drop in quantity and quality of goods.

    The guard grumbles and continues to the rampart wall. He stares out at the sea of blackness and wonders how much longer the pig is going to take to cook. Unknown to him something larks in the darkness.

    The Black Knight moves closer, then he feels a rat close by. Quickly he snatches it up and begins to chant a seeing spell! The rat is soon possessed and moves quickly, under the gate, passed the guards. Across the kitchen and into the council tent. The rat stops and looks up. The Black Knight could see men at a table and there! The blue projection on the tent wall for all to see. Now he’s got the information he came for. His masters will be most pleased with this. But first he needs to take care of this camp. Every good movement requires a few martyrs. He breaks the seeing spell, then begins to chant another spell, a fire spell!

    To be continued………


    I cant help but think of Star Wars with the hidden item and the blue projection though!

    I like the hill camp, is that crappy murky brown water in the bottom, or just mud?

    The campfire is nice and I like what you have done with the well.



    I did use a bit of gloss varnish to give the mud a wet look with a few puddles.

    In time I might trim it down a bit. Maybe have steps leading up instead of a slope. I might work on the mud a little more too. I was also thinking of putting spikes in the ditch, but I didn’t have enough tooth picks and time was an issue.

    The story; like my Scfi project is evolving extensively. Starting to put me in a tangle, requiring a lot of thought. Lots of ideas but the trick is geling it all together into something coherent.


    Looking forward to the story. I like the setup.

    Tired is enough.
    I like tiny miniatures

    Angel Barracks

    Maybe have steps leading up instead of a slope.

    That would look cool, but would that not stop horses and carts etc getting up?


    Maybe have steps leading up instead of a slope.

    That would look cool, but would that not stop horses and carts etc getting up?

    Bugger, didn’t think of that. Yes horses and what not will ideally need access.

    However, next month or so I’m redecorating and refurbishing the place. Part of all that is maybe a new round dining room table could be on the addenda. This will be my main table for gaming as well. And I’ve just made a piece of corner scenery!

    So…….I might have steps leading up to a keep and on the flat have  the rest of the encampment. This is where the tents, field kitchen and horses will go. Kind of like a Norman Motte and Bailey.

    And I thought I had finished.


    Scorched Earth

    Laffdrey stands by the large brazier warming his hands when he noticed that the flames start to die. He starts walking away, back the south side of the camp to get more oil. Then turned as he heard a whooshing noise and saw the flames unexpectedly grown at and astonishing rate. Then, as he studied the fire a sense of dread comes over him. Soon a huge column of fire rose from the brazier. A fire elemental!

    He turns to the Closest Knight, who was star struck with awe.

    “Call out the guard! Call out the guard!” Shouts Laffdrey.

    Instantly the sound of the horn fills the air and the whole camp erupts into chaos. Men start running about everywhere. Scrambling out of tents and trying to get away from the scorching heat. Half the encampment descends upon the well all at once.

    “Water! Water!” Come the calls

    Someone manages to throw a bucket of water at the elemental but it was a meagre attempt. A few arrows were loosed from the rampart and someone threw a spear. Which just went straight through and emerged the other side with a flaming shaft. Piecing a tent and setting it alight.

    Grelak quickly grabs his spell book and starts to summon a water elemental from the well. The water rose from the well, then fell back with a splash. Not enough water thinks Gerlak. We have been meaning to dig another well he thinks.

    There’s only one other way to stop a fire elemental. Luckily they are very slow moving and despite the chaos Grelak manages to make his way over to Laffdrey.

    “Find who is casting the spell and kill them. They must be close by” Says Grelak.

    Laffdrey peeps over wall into the gloom and sees a figure standing right out in the open. He grabs a bow and arrow from the defences, pulls back on the 150lbs draw weight bow and looses the arrow. Watches as it falls short and wonders if only he practiced more archery and less swordsmanship. He pulls back again, feeling the effort needed to pull a 150lb bow, then realises the  heat on his back. The fire elemental changes direction and starts to bare down on him. He releases the arrow and again it falls short. He knows he only has one more chance before the heat becomes unbearable. He starts to draw back and before he has chance to loose. An arrow strikes the Black Knight and he crumples to the floor. Instantly the spell brakes and the fire elemental reduces to nothing more then a few smouldering embers.

    Laffdrey looks across from the rampart wall and sees Edric standing there with a bow in his hands. The boy is full of surprises he thinks to himself.

    ……Soon the flames and the burning camp comes under control. While the Knight’s put out the last flames. Grelak, Laffdrey and Edric approach the fallen knight.

    “Where did you learn to use a bow?” Asks Laffdrey as they walk over to the the body.

    “I wasn’t always a farmer, you know” replies Edric with a smile.

    “Is he dead?” Asks Edric

    “No you can’t kill them.” Says Grelak, he continues.

    “He is a Black Knight, an agent of the Darkmere and a spirit walker. Right now his spirt is in the spirit realm trying, no doubt to manifest itself back here”.

    “I thought the Darkmere were all but gone.” Says Laffdrey

    “I did too, but it looks like the accent order has awoken” replies Grelak. “I don’t know what his story is but it takes great power, the wielding of a Moonstone or nearly god powers to become a spirit walker”.

    “There must be a way to kill him Grelak” comments Laffdrey

    “There is…..but……it’s not easy. Only a wraith blade can harm a spirit. Kindred Spirit, Master Godfrey’s sword forged from Herculaneum steel. If it were imbued with wraith afterlife then the sword could destroy a spirit walker. But only the highest of priests could wield this kind of magic”. Says Grelak

    “We will address that later” Says Laffdrey as he watches Brother Edwards approach him.

    After ordering a guard to be placed on the body of the Black Knight. Laffdrey listens hard as Brother Edward gives his report.

    “Nearly three quarters of the camp is destroyed. Including most of the kitchen and food supplies. All tents, horses, except one and a supply cart are lost. Also the east side palisade wall is gone. Five Brothers are dead and nine more badly burned. The chapel is untouched and so is the armoury.”

    Laffdrey sighs…before giving his orders.

    “Put the wounded in the chapel. Send out a runner to summon aid from the nearest village. Leave a skeleton crew to look after the wounded. Summon the rest of our strength. Will take the supply cart and leave for Barthmont Castle”.

    Laffdrey turned to Edric.

    “Want to come on an adventure lad. I could do with a good archer”.

    Edric smiles to express his eagerness. Laffdrey then turns to Grelak.

    “You have the seeing stone?” Grelak nods.

    “I will work on decoding the message on the way. My spell and research books have survived the fire”.

    Soon the remaining Brothers leave the camp for Barthmont Castle and the castle’s Master, Lord Moebius.

    The adventure and their destinies await…….




    The Spirals of Grangough.

    The Spirals are a sacred symbol that represents the journey and change of life as it unfolds; taking a labyrinth-like passage that leads to the source. The spirals symbolise the consciousness of nature beginning from its center of the earth and expanding outwardly. Huge twisting columns that spiral out of the ground and reach high into the sky. But are much more then tangible symbols of life.

    The circle serve the spirals, protectorates of the strange power the emanates from the land. The five protectorates that can wield the power of a Moonstone have sworn to use their power to protect the lands, to protect all of Grangough. For if the Spirals and their guardians were to fall. Then all of Grangough would be in peril.

    The spiral of the mind and nature, protected by the mentalist and droid Nutrapter

    The spiral of conflict and states, protected by the Palladian and Alchemist Azimuth

    The spiral of energy and dimensions, protected by the Energist and planer Joule

    The spiral of time and death, protected by the time streamer and necromancer Moebius

    The spiral of balance, once protected by Ariel, the spirals choose their own.

    At the unlikely death of a member the circle remains broken for a time. Until the spirals can cull a worthy successor.

    King Alduin’s Crypt and the Oubliette

    Having confirmed the information which he sort at the Knights of Olde encampment. The Black Knight, known as “Bevardis” stops at the door of King Alduin’s crypt. The defilement of a Devine King’s final resting place will be cursed upon by some. But some deeds, no matter how abhorrent has to be done. He breaks the magic seal to the door and enters the crypt after being sealed for more than 300 hundred years……….

    The crypt of King Alduin the Just. Then with a sense of gravity and trepidation Bevardis set about putting his plan in action.

    ……..Soon he had done what he came for and steps out of the crypt. Resealing the door with magic behind him. He enters the graveyard and looks up at the foreboding silhouette of castle Barthmont. Now he needs to find Moebius, his gaze is attracted to a small light. The castle’s small monastery on the north corner. He starts to walk towards the steps leading up to it. Then stops and gazes into the gloom of the graveyard as something gets his attention.

    “Um, these creatures seem to manifest from the very shadows. There seems to be some form of caliginous force at work here”.

    Brother Malek, a short and noble man shuffles through the corridor, his distinctive yellow robes dragging on the floor. He enters the altar room to prepare for the evening prayers after a small, humble meal of bread and cheese. He was surprised to see that no other Brothers where here yet. He keels down to start the prayers then he hears the door open and footsteps. This must be them now, he thinks. But the footsteps are not of monks. He looks over this shoulder and sees the foreboding figure of the Black Knight standing over him. Suddenly he’s gripped with fear and dread. The Black Knight leans forward and grabs the terrified man by the scruff. Lifting the monk off this feet bringing his face level with his.

    “Where’s that insidious snake Moebius?” He says, shaking the poor man.

    “Lorrr….Lor….Lord Mo..Lord Moebius is…is…re…re…reading” he whimpers

    “Don’t play games with me monk. I asked you where he is not what he’s doing”

    “Errrh…he….he…he’s innnn……his study chamber”

    Satisfied with the answer he drops the monk to the floor. Brother Malek lands in a heap and crawls away. Pressing himself up against the altar.

    “Plea….plea…please…ha..ha…ha..have mercy” grovels the poor monk.

    The Black Knight moves closer, as if to torment the monk.

    “God…is…is my witness. He will protect me”. Says Malek, shaking uncontrollably with fear, his hands out in front of him.

    “You seem to be trembling, has your god abandoned you? Is that where all your courage comes from? A misplaced belief in a factious god”. Mocks the Black Knight.

    “Maybe I should release you to the wheel of fate” smirks the Black Knight as he walks to the door.

    After getting what he wanted from the monk. Bevardis steps out into the passageway and begins to make his way into the stronghold to find Lord Moebius. So far his plan is moving along nicely. However, one can only match move for move the machinations of fate………..


    Recently listened to Michael Crichton’s novel ‘timeline’, the crypt reminds me of that.

    Tired is enough.
    I like tiny miniatures


    Oh I like the Pendraken crypt.


    Yeah, the Pendraken stuff works quite well for 15mm. The dungeon stuff can work out a bit expensive though if you’re buying a fair bit of it.


    The three plains of existence……

    The material or physical realm. This is the plain all living beings in Grangough are in. This is the tangible world around us that we all inhabit.

    The spirit or spectral realm, also known as the underworld. This is the mirror image of the material realm. Inhabited by ghosts, ghouls, wraiths and lost spirits. This is where all soles are irresistibly drawn to. The laws of physics don’t apply. Water, for example has neither heft nor lift and is as thin as air in the spirit world. Any corporeal item from the material realm can’t enter the spirit realm. However, this might be possible with the most powerful magic which few have. It is more then possible for spirits to leave this realm and enter the material realm though.

    The third is the demon realm. Long ago the demons were prevented from entering both the spirit and material realms. So far, remained sealed off from these realms.

    Moebius and Bevardis

    Bevardis makes his way into the fortress of his malefactor. Now, mostly a ruin it was still deemed impossible for any man to penetrate. But Bevardis wasn’t any man. Deep within these walls his prey waited. Lord Moebius, manipulator and deceiver. Using living beings as his pawns. It was time for Moebius to answer a few truths.

    “Yes, yes I understand it will be done. The stage is set. We will keep him in the shadows, keep him ignorant of his destiny. He knows he’s the scion of balance. But while he’s a spirit walker he will never be able to fulfil his role. We must keep it that way, stop him from entering the sword.  Keep him ignorant from knowing his true identity and finding his other self.” Mutters Moebius “You need not linger in the shadows Bevardis, I know why you’re here”.

    “No banter Moebius, time for you to die will come. Then the equilibrium can be restored to Grangough. The corruption will end and the Spirals restored. But first….tell me, did it trouble you to witness the murder of Ariel the balance guardian and do nothing”.

    “Does it trouble you to come here grovelling for answers. How humiliating it must be for you to come begging on my door step. We both serve the same god and not even you would risk striking down god’s own attendant”.

    “Are you so sure about that Moebius, now enough wordplay…..Ahhhrrrrr”.

    “You see, I have the upper hand. You forget, I can wield the power of a Moonstone. Foresight is a useful tool and already had this little spell of incapacitation prepared for you. Even for someone who is neither living nor dead”.


    “Still so arrogant, thinking that you’ve devised some brilliant plan. You may well of discovered more about me but in Infact you know nothing. You’ve read the signs but missed their meaning. You think that your the scion of balance which the old prophecies refer to. And that the Knights of Olde hold the key to fulfilling your destiny. But your messianic delusions have blinded you. Your vainity has made you witless Bevardis”.


    As Bevardis struggles, Moebius walks over to him and kneels down beside him. Feeling quite smug with himself.

    “You have been reborn to serve our god. You have no other purpose. Soon your strength will fail and you’ll be cast back into the spectral realm. That’s right, I know what you are and when your strength returns. Allowing you to menifest back here in the material realm. I’ll be gone and you’ll have more important things to worry about then pursuing me”…..Moebius moves back to his souceress’s table and continues reading. “Next time we meet, hopefully you would have learned a little humility”. He says, looking back over his should at the struggling Black Knight.

    That wasn’t one of Moebius’ better efforts at stopping me. The next time we meet it’ll be me who will offer a few surprises. If he thinks I’m worried about our beloved benefactor. Then Moebius has underestimated me”. Thinks Bevardis to himself, then he felt his energy leave him. It was no longer possible for him to maintain his corporeal self. Then he was cast back into the spectral realm and as always there waiting was his maker…………….


    The Ancient God of Life and Death

    As Bevardis re-enters the spirit realm his creator, the so called ancient God of life and death. Sits, waiting for him.

    “Ah my wayward child returns”

    “My ancient benefactor, I thought we had parted ways for good. Your silence was refreshing while it lasted. No doubt you have an convenient inexpressible reason for your presence here?”

    “Don’t be insolent Bevardis, I am eternally present here and everywhere. Now and always, I’m the still centre of the turning wheel, the hub of this worlds destiny. The purifying rhythm of life, where all soles are irresistibly drawn”

    “But perhaps not as omnipotent as you would have me believe. Your hold on me seems tenuous, I no longer seem to need you. But I guessing you still need me!”

    “This impertinence is unworthy of you Bevardis. Remember you were murdered by the Knights of Olde”

    ”So you say, that part of my history seems conveniently shrouded from me. To which I have no memory.”

    “All you need to know is after serving to protect the spirals. It was them that wiped out the Darkmere without a flicker of remorse and now I have spared you from total desolation”

    “Spared me! I am destroyed”

    “You are reborn. The birth of one of humanity’s abominations traps the essence of life. It is this sole that animates the corpse you lived in. That is the demise of Grangough, unknown forces have corrupted the flow of life. Soles remain trapped, I can’t spin them in the wheel of fate. They can’t complete their destinies. Redeem yourself, or if you prefer revenge yourself. Settle your dispute with humanity, restore the balance and destroy the Knights of Olde. Remember you have a task to fulfil here and are indebted to me Bevardis”

    “Indebted to you! You would have me show gratitude for something I did not ask to be bestowed on me”

    “I restored you to yourself after you perished. It was the Knights of Olde that destroyed you. The very enemy you just let slip through your grasp. Do not fail me my servant”

    “I serve nobody, not you, not Moebius”

    “Moebius is my good servant, I have many”

    “And if I told Moebius that he’s worshipping a giant one eyed blob. Do you think he’s faith will falter?”

    “Beware, to embrace a serpent is to invite poison into your heart. The Knights of Olde are sinus beasts, they will deceive you. Don’t let those degenerates deter your resolve. Remain steadfast Bevardis.”

    With that Bevardis continues his journey through the spectral realm. He looks forward to finding Moebius and continuing their discussion……………..

    Darkest Star Games

    Really cool!  Bevardis cracks me up, being so insolent to a god, whose patience is probably not infinite…  I would say this is very Cthuluesque were the god  a heck of a lot less intelligible!

    How long will it take Bevardis to return?  Does he have to posses a child and grow up again, or can he take over an adult body?

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    quote quote=102434]Really cool! Bevardis cracks me up, being so insolent to a god, whose patience is probably not infinite… I would say this is very Cthuluesque were the god a heck of a lot less intelligible! How long will it take Bevardis to return? Does he have to posses a child and grow up again, or can he take over an adult body?[/quote]

    Glad you’re enjoying it! Good questions, I shall answer them in the story. Look out for the bold.


    Unholy Light

    After many hours marching the Knights of Olde start to see the silhouette of Barthmont castle. They reach King Alduin’s crypt just before sunset. Laffdrey orders a rest bite while they discuss what to do.

    “Well, this is the location which the seeing stone shows” Says Laffdrey, looking at the small blue stone as he held it in his palm.

    “What’s the significance, we need to open this door” says Bartrem

    “It’s sealed with magic” Says Grelak, but before he could comment further. Bartrem steps forward wielding his Herculaneum steel war hammer. Named “SkullCracker”. The hammer, despite being huge was as light a mace. But delivered a blow ten times more powerful.

    “What are we waiting for” He Shouts. He slams the hammer against the door with full might. But rather then the door caving in as he was expecting. He was knocked back off his feet with a thud.

    “The door, Bartrem. Is sealed with magic and can’t be forced with any means we here possess”. Says Grelak, clearly unhappy with Bartem’s over zealous behaviour.

    “May I remind you that desecration of a Divine King’s resting place is blasphemy. I will go up to the monastery and talk to Brother Melak. It’s getting dark, maybe we can get a bed and a meal for tonight if we are lucky. We can then resume in the morning”. Says Grelak

    “But…” Bartrem was about to say something, then Grelak cuts him short.

    “The crypt has been there three hundred years, it can wait until the morning. Edric, why don’t you come with me lad? The rest of you stay here. I’m sure Brother Malek doesn’t want a load of Knights trampling over his monastery”


    With that Grelak and Edric disappears up towards the foreboding silhouette of castle Barthmont. The monastery seems deserted as they walk through the passageway. They enter a small study and can’t help but get intrigued by the books.

    “Who was that Black Knight at the encampment? The one I put an arrow through.” Asks Edric, as he takes a book and starts reading it.

    “I not sure, an agent of the Darkmere though and a spirit walker. He would of been mortal once. Somehow, uniquely resurrected just after his death. He has a corporeal body, that has limited energy to manifest here in the material world.  The unique part is that he can enter the spectral realm as a corporeal being, probably when he chooses. Very rare indeed and that is the part I don’t understand. Would take very powerful magic to do it?”relies Grelak

    “How long will it take him to return? Does he have to posses a child and grow up again, or can he take over an adult body?”

    “Time has no meaning in the spectral realm as it does in the physical world. So, theoretically he could time travel. Exiting the spectral realm back into the material realm at a different point in time and location then when he first left. But only within his own lifetime”. Grelak continues. “No, he doesn’t posses bodies, he keeps his own. His sole is trapped in his corporeal body. If you were to die for example, your physical body would remain here. Your spirit would enter the spectral realm. This realm has many conduits and fissures, which link it with the material realm. So, wielding the right magic I could haul your spirit back out of the spirit realm through one of the conduits and back into your body. Thus, you would be resurrected”.

    Edric thought about what Grelak just said. He remember what Master Godfrey said back on his farm. That he was being pursued by a Knight on foot. He remembered that Godfrey couldn’t understand how a Knight on foot could keep up with someone on a horse. Now it made sense, the Black Knight, who ever he was; was traveling trough the spectral realm then re-entering the physical world. That meant that the Black Knight would of be anticipating where Godfrey was going, very clever Edric thought.

    Both men carried on looking casually at the books, when the door opened and Brother Malek entered. His yellow robes dragging on the floor. Finally thought Grelak

    “The curtsey of your monastery is some what lacking” He says as he turns around. Only to see that Brother Malek isn’t  quite himself. The monk’s eyes appear to be vacant and his skin seems rotten to the core. Then Grelak takes in the sight of the blade in his hand………….

    Darkest Star Games

    Yikes and egads!

    (loving this story! Thank you for the answers)

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    Edric wastes no time, he draws an arrow and releases it. At such a close range he could hardly miss. Unfortunately, although the arrow hit the monk in the chest it did little to stop him.

    “No, he’s the living dead. We need fire to stop him”. Shouts Grelak, who knows that he hasn’t got time to prepare a spell. So, instead he grabs the chair and uses it to pin the rotting monk against the wall. Edric, sees that Grelak has brought some time. Grabs a night arrow from his quiver and sticks it into the fire. As soon as the fire lights the arrow he draws it back and releases it. Straight into the monk, no sooner had it struck the monk starts to burn. Grelak holds the monk at arms length with the chair as long as he could bare the flames then drops the chair. The monk crumbles to the floor smouldering and burning. They were just about to exit the room when another rotting monk enters.

    “Oh, not another one” curses Edric. “No time for a night arrow”.

    “Help me with this table” Says Grelak.

    They both grab one end of the table and using it as a shield they ram it into the monk. Knocking him on his back they then bring down the table hard on top of him. Wasting no time they exit the room and run back down the corridor.

    “Come on, Edric we need to warn the others. We are all in great danger”

    Meanwhile……..Brothers Gultar and Tedwin were standing bored in the graveyard as the dark begins to surround them and the others.

    “What are we doing, skulking around here in the middle of the night” comments Brother Gultar

    “Yeah, the only thing we are going to get out of this quest is gravestones above our own heads”. Relies Brother Tedwin

    “What was that?”

    “Nothing its just the wind”

    “No, there’s something moving under the ground”

    “No it’s just……..oh my god! It’s coming out of the ground!”

    Just then, Brother Edward who was a few feet away gives a yell and a shriek.

    “They’re coming out of the graves!” He Shouts, poking a head back into the ground with his spear.

    Edric and Grelak continue down the steps and back towards the crypt. Shouting alarm as they go. Laffdrey, who hears all the commotion. Calls to arms and orders a shield wall. Soon, all the Knights have formed up and locked shields. Despite the failing light, Laffdrey could see that they were surrounded…………..

    “We can’t make it back the way we came”. He Shouts, just as an arrow thuds into Brother Tedwin’s shield.

    “They have archers”

    Knowing that they can’t maintain their shield wall. Laffdrey, orders them to retreat into the walled courtyard of the crypt. Hoping that it would provide more protection.

    “Grelak, we can’t hold them. There are coming over the walls. Break the magic seal to the crypt. It’s our only chance” He Shouts. Jibbing his axe at the nearest  undead skeleton. The weapons makes contact and knocks its jaw off. The skeleton doesn’t seem to notice and carries on stabbing with its spear.

    Suddenly, Brother Osmould gives a cry and falls to the ground with an arrow in him. Before Brother Gultar can drag him back he’s stabbed viciously in the chest. Grelak gets the crypt door open and the Knight’s begin to retreat into the crypt. Bartrem manages to swing SkullCrusher, smashing a shield and half of the skeleton behind it.

    “Get into the crypt” he screams to the last Knights.

    But just as the last few pull back, Brother Gilbert goes down. The spear penetrating his padded armour. Then as he tries to crawl away from the fury of the melee. A skeleton with a menacing look steps forward with a huge scythe. He swings it and cuts the knight nearly in half! Bartrem grabs the last knight and pulls him through the door. Both men struggle to keep the door close as more and more of the undead pour into the crypt’s courtyard. Then Grelak casts the necessary magic spell, sealing the door to the crypt.

    Bartrem breathes a sigh of massive relief as the darkness engulfs him.

    “Any chance of some light here?” He comments.

    Soon, the Knights begin filtering down the staircase into the crypt. What they saw shocked them to the core. The crypt of King Alduin the Just had been raided and the body missing! An unspeakable act of defilement. For a while nobody spoke, some did the sign of the cross. Then Grelak broke the silence.

    “I know the hand that rocked this cradle. That Black Knight will pay for this!”

    “Indeed he deserves to be destroyed. But first we need to get out of here. We can’t stay in here. Fighting our way back outside will be near impossible”. Replies Laffdrey.

    “Where does this trapdoor lead too?” Says Bartrem, talking to one body in particular.

    “The bowels of the castle. The forgotten place….The oubliette” Says Grelak.

    “But I wouldn’t trust that way….it’s forsaken”

    “We don’t have any other choice”

    With that….one by one…..the knights enter the depths of the oubliette………..


    Been a while, I must say. Hopefully now I have some time to continue the adventure. Here’s an outline of the story so far…..


    Welcome to the land of Grangough and The Knights of Olde. An ancient order of Knights sworn to protect Grangough and all the land possesses. At the heart of Grangough are the Spirals, which are the tangible embodiment of life. The very essence of the life blood of the world and the protectors. Know has the circle. Five guardians which guard Grangough against evil and unbalance. For these guardians can wield the awesome god like powers of a Moonstone. The fifth guardian is the scion of balance. The main guardian which oversees all.

    But Arial, the scion of balance AKA the balance guardian. As been murdered and her lover, NutRaptor the mentalist guardian finds her body. Her death sends him into a madness which affects all the other guardians. Bevardis is then appointed the new scion of balance, such is his destiny. But he too is murdered. In a way which prevents a new scion of balance being appointed and prevents him from wielding the power of the Moonstone. Grangough is left without protectorates and starts to slide into ruin.

    Step up the Knights of Olde. Unknown to them; they hold the key to Grangough’s salvation. A young farmer called Edric, who in a twist of fate. Life has taken another path. Also unknown is the importance of the Devine sword “Kindred Spirit”. Once Master Godfrey’s sword, who gave to Edric to keep it safe. Now carried by Captain Laffdrey, the Knights embark on a quest to save the world from ruin.


    Bevardis AKA The Black Knight.

    Although Bevardis is poor at swordsmanship. He is an expect at wielding black magic and a former member of the Darkmere. Like the Knights of Olde the Darkmere are a warrior race of monks and priests. But practice a more darker side of magic which the Knights of Olde condemn. The Darkmere are the ancient enemy of the Knights of Olde. But are they as the name suggests evil? Or is poetic license by the Knights of Olde to lionised themselves by demonising their closest foe?

    Bevardis is indeed ruthless and has a big secret to hide. But despite that his intentions are for the greater good. As he embarks to reclaim his destiny. But what is the greater good?

    “One can only match move for move the machinations of fate”.


    The Great life and Death God

    Ever present in the spectral realm this god maintains the life and death balance, or does he? He certainly claims to of resurrected Bevardis after his mysterious death. Making him a spirit walker and allowing him to exit the spectral realm into the material realm at will. But Bevardis has his doubts.

    This god certainly has an interest in death by manipulating corporeal beings in the material realm, including himself. But Bevardis is starting to think that there is more to this so called god.


    Lord Moebius

    The last surviving guardian of the circle. Has the power to wield a Moonstone. Able to influence time and death. Moebius is now corrupt and is playing his own game. He’s worshipping the life and death god. Could it be that the life and death god is exploiting Moebius’s corrupted state of mind?

    The past few years Moebius has shown to be deceitful. The Knights of Olde know this and know that he is playing a different game. But what can they do? All they can hope for is that the balance is resorted to Grangough. But unknown to them the Scion of balance the main guardian who maintains balance. Has been murdered and the successor is trapped and unable to fulfil this role.


    Now, Grangough is in peril. The balance needs to be restored and the outside influences need to be found and eliminated if the world is to survive.


    Bevardis and his defiance – The Spectral Realm somewhere in the castle’s oubliette.

    The large eye looked up and down at the Black Knight which kneeled motionless hunched over the floor.

    “Surrender Bevardis, abandon this petty rebellion. It was I who made you; your life had played out and in my grace I spared you. You are my servant, you have no other calling. Remain here and reap souls for me, you have no higher destiny, only this”.


    “What do you profit from this defiance? Let go of these vain aspirations of trying to change your destiny Bevardis”.

    “There’s some grim satisfaction infuriating you!”

    “My patience is eternal, how many eons can you bare to languish here? The wheel of fate must turn. All must be cleansed in the agony of birth, death and rebirth. This is the engine of life, the purifying rhythm of the universe. Where all souls are irresistibly drawn. Yours is a necessary and noble function Bevardis……”

    “Enough of your sermonising! Are you trying to bore my into submission? We both know what you are. A greedy parasite cloaking its ferocious appetite in a shroud of righteousness!………..I refuse to do your will”.

    “I can see into your heart, Bevardis. It’s not defiance that keeps you here. It’s cowardice”.

    “How so?”

    “You know what fate awaits you when you leave the underworld. The sword is waiting for you somewhere and you tarry as not to meet it.”

    I could not deny it, as long as I lingered here defianing my captor I can put off what I know will be my certain doom. But this is no worse than the stalemate I now endure. Better to face ones density then cower from it.

    “Yes, yes…..I submit. You want this chamber cleared of its underworld wraith vermin?”

    “If you are to leave here.”

    “The wheel must turn.”

    “Ah, now you understand. Very good Bevardis. You will find that although just defiance has its punishments. Obeisance has its rewards.”

    Bevardis begins casting black magic on the ghostly wraiths who inhabit the underworld. Sending them into negative states in which his master seems to enjoy. And submission isnt always what it seems. With this Bevardis continues through the underworld now looking for a conduit to take him into the material world. Only here can he change his destiny.


    Crikey, I missed loads, think I am caught up now.
    Good last stand with the crypt entrance!

    Excellent undead arm coming out of the ground too! 😀

    Darkest Star Games

    Ya, I missed the undead attack too!  Me thinks Ol’ Eyeball has a surprise coming.

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    The device.

    The Knights enter a large chamber with a strange looking device. Grelak informs them all that it’s one of Lord Moebius’ devices.


    “This one appears to be some sort of transportation device. Capable of transporting people over long distances in an blink of the eye”

    “A way out of here then?” Says Laffdrey

    “Not quite, I’m not sure I know how to operate it” replies Grelak.

    Then as the Knights take a closer look a voice startles them.


    “At last, l must say that I’m disappointed you your progress I thought you all would be here sooner. Tell me……Did it trouble you all to get through the oubliette?” Says Bevardis, peeping around the corner and making his way over to the device controls.


    “Did it trouble you when you cast a fire elemental on us?” Replies Grelak as the Knights all take up defensive positions.

    “Haha. Fate is relentless. When I first ascended to this position I did not fathom the true power Moonstones and the guardianship that went with it. To know the future, to see its paths streaming out into the infinite. As a man I could not contain such forbidden truths. Now we are so much more then we once were. As such, are we not indivisible? As long as one of us stands, we are Legion. Our futures are pre destine, we each play out the parts fate has written for us. Free will is an illusion.” He says as he sets the device.

    “We’ve found the raided crypt of King Alduin. How could you profane a divine King by resurrecting him into an agent of darkness!?” Says Laffdrey angrily.

    “How could I not, one must keep his friends close and his enemies even closer. Who better to serve me than those who passions surpass all notions of good and evil”. Continues Bevardis, now activating the device. The portal opens.

    “King Alduin’s empire stood against the corruption which the Darkmere represents. My eyes are open, there’s no nobility in the defilement which you forced upon his crypt.” Says Laffdrey, he couldn’t contain it all longer and attacks Bevardis.

    Bevardis parried the attack and now held Laffdrey by his throat. The Knights moved to defend their captain just as Bevardis cast a kinetic energy spell. The invisible wave hit them sending them all into a pile of arms and legs. Bevardis seemed to enjoyed their entanglement.


    “You may of uncovered some of the past. But you know nothing of it. You think King Alduin was noble? Altruistic?…..hahah…don’t be so simple they had the same addenda as us” Before the Knights could sort themselves out Bevardis continues.


    “You almost had me then…fate demands more twists and turns before this drama unfolds.”


    Then he enters the portal stream and disappears.

    The Knights have no idea where the portal stream would take them. At first they thought that it would be an ambush set up by Bevardis. They soon realise that they have little choice. They entered the stream after Bevardis.


    Ooh science or magic?

    Darkest Star Games

    “Hey, who’s humming the theme to that old “Time Tunnel” show…?”

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

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