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    Mike; bit of both really. Moebius being able to wield the power of a Moonstone (very powerful magic). Has used that magic to build his device.

    DSG; I can’t deny that certain shows have been an inspiration. I needed a way of transporting my characters quickly. I always try and add/use things that people can relate to. My story for example, although complex is inspired heavily on the computer game Soul Reaver. That’s what I like about table top wargaming. So much flexibility, you can mould and twist your game to fit anything you want.

    Pawns and Messiahs

    “Edric and the Knights of Olde. Redeemers and destroyers, pawns and messiahs. Welcome…time spans so….welcome to your destinies………Where am I? Is the usual question. In all your case. When? Might be more apt. But I mean you all no harm. Sorry if I have alarmed you all by pulling you all out of the transport stream”. Says Lord Moebius, suddenly appearing.

    “Moebius, you old snake. You can drop the benevolent facade. We know who and what you are. I should kill you where you stand”. Snaps Grelak, unwilling to make good his threat. He knows Moebius is the last guardian and capable of wielding the power of a Moonstone. They also know that Moebius is corrupt and not be be trusted.

    “Maybe you should, but you don’t. As seeing and death guardian allows me a certain level of omissions. No you don’t kill me, that honour belongs to your enemy, Bevardis, some time from now”.

    “Ah, you two are a pair, your more fatalistic then what he is. Been meddling with the timeline again?” Comes Laffdrey’s sour reply.

    “Death comes for us all and it greaves me to see how cruelly Bevardis has treated you all”.

    “Oh please” comes a comment for the back of the ranks.

    “Are we still within the stronghold of King Aldiun’s priesthood?” Asks Edric

    “Yes, the the glory days of King Aldiun as long since pasted I’m afraid. This is more cynical and indecorous age. Me and my mercenary army now inhabit this stronghold and continue the fight against the Darkmere with our own humble crusade”. Says Moebius

    “You said the Black Knight is called Bevardis, you know him?” Asks Laffdrey

    “Yes, an agent of darkness the scourge of Grangough. After Aerial the balance guardian’s death. He then murdered my fellow guardians in this very room. All to seize power for himself. He will cling to his seat of power and with no guardians to stop him the spirals and all of Grangough will fall into ruin”.

    “And you somehow survived this massacre?”

    “Yes, the circle was devastated, I was the only survivor”.

    “How convenient. You’ll forgive me if I don’t naively digest every scrape of information you toss us. You have a reputation for deceit.” Says Grelak

    “And who slanders me so? Your malefactor Bevardis, our common enemy. The one who destroyed your encampment with fire. The one who’s defiled King Aldiun’s crypt. The one who has risen the undead on this very doorstep……Consider the source before you judge me too harshly. We’ll forget about rekindling our old friendship then. But consider an alliance….We both want Bevardis dead. I can help you do it……”

    “You don’t want to go meddling in this old man. We all know about your sordid little schemes. You’re simply out of your deapth on this one.” Says Laffdrey

    “You underestimate me. Come and look into the viewing portal. At this very moment Bevardis is lingering at the temple of balance. Unaware that I have snatched you all out of the transportation stream. Foolishly confidant that he has alluded your grasp”.

    “The temple of balance? That’s near the spirals isn’t it?” Says Edric with interest.

    “Yes, they are the embodiment of the divine force which preserves the life of this world. We who serve the spirals maintain their delicate balance. Bevardis is the fulcrum on which that balance turns. His very existence is a cancer on this world. Let me have your sword. Kindred Spirit, one of the most Devine blades in all of Grangough. I will imbue it with wraith afterlife. You can then destroy Bevardis for good”.

    Laffdrey hesitates for a moment if not sure whether to trust him, then gives the sword to Moebius. As the Knights talk amongst themselves Moebius prepares the spell to enhance the sword. When he knows nobody is looking he imbues the sword with what they think is wraith afterlife. He then hands the sword back to Captain Laffdrey.

    Now you can strike Bevardis down with this sword for good. Go to him and end this, but first you to need to find your way back to the transportation portal chamber and in this, I can not help you. The undead are rampant down here. They will try and kill you, but do as you must.

    As the Knights leave Moebius grins and rubs his hands together. The stage is set, he thinks to himself.

    Laffdrey looks suspiciously at Kindred Spirit as he sheaths the sword. Unaware that he and all the others have been completely manipulated.

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    The Knights make it out of the oubliette, using Moebius’ transportation device. Who, at least for now seems willing to help with their quest. But of cause, things in Grangough are not always what they seem.


    The Ruined Temple of Balance

    Laffdrey and the others take in the enormity of their situation. Having traveled many leagues in such a short time. They were all on edge, expecting an ambush at anytime. Despite that, it was a welcome sight to get out of the confines of the oubliette.

    Grelak soon gets his bearings and realises they are very close to the temple of balance. As the Knights close in on the temple, Grelak converses with Edric about the sublime nature of the temple of balance.

    “Oh you should see it Edric. The temple of balance, it’s only small but the architecture is simply supreme. Pilgrims from all over Grangough travel here to seek the council of Arial the balance guardian. Maybe we can seek some answers ourselves”.

    “Arial? Isn’t that the now murdered guardian that Moebius was talking about?”

    “Um, yes……..we have to find out for sure if that is true, I must state caution though. It was Bevardis who set the device for us to follow through. What ever is at the temple he means for us to see it”.

    As the temple comes into view the Knights stop dead. The temple of balance! Except it wasn’t the sublime temple the Knights were expecting. It was a ruin! It was unthinkable how the temple of balance has come to such decay in so short  space of time. It meant only one thing the balance guardian was indeed dead. More disturbing was the fact there was no replacement guardian! This was the symbolic evidence that balance has been lost and Grangough is sliding into decay!

    And there…..standing; waiting in the centre was the canker that was set to destroy it all……Bevardis.

    At this moment all the Knights wanted was to destroy Bevardis. All the Knights could think about was how Bevardis profaned Kings Aldiun’s crypt. How he burnt down their camp. And how he was responsible for the disappearance and possible death of Master Godfrey. Laffdrey orders the Knights to split and flank around to cut off Bevardis’ escape.


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    Wicked, totes puts mine to shame.
    I may have to dig out the brushes and jazz mine up.

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    Great work, it looks fun!

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    “I know you’re all there.”

    “Moebius said that you were here, although I might have known you would ‘meet’ us here”. Says Grelak

    “And if Moebius said I was hidden in the underside of hell. Would you throw yourselves into oblivion to pursue me? Moebius trolls for the weary and ignorant. Hauling his gasping pray from the streams of their destiny. Stay out of his net.”

    “Oh, spare us your elaborate metaphors. We have pursued you here for one reason. You will pay for your treacherous behaviour and the murder of the guardians.” Comments Edric



    “And who’s will; will be satisfied then? Moebius’s or Edric’s?”

    “You know my name, but we have never met.” Says Edric, confused.

    “On the contrary Edric, I know you very well.”

    “Turn and face us Bevardis, the chase is over.” Snaps Laffdrey



    “This isn’t a chase, we are merely passengers on the wheel of destiny. We have been brought here for a reason. I’ve seen the beginning and end of our story however and the tail is crude and ill-conceived. We must re write the ending of it. You and I.”

    “Face us Bevardis. Even you shouldn’t die a cowards death.” Says Laffdrey again, losing patience.

    “Isn’t customary to grant the condemned a final request?”

    “I recall no such courtesy from you, when you burned our camp to the ground.”

    “Indulge me, all I ask is that you listen. This is the sublime moment of our undoing. The fulcrum which swings the entirety of our history. This is where all of Grangough is betrayed. Not very long ago Arial the balance guardian, the guardian which oversees all and any threats to Grangough. Is murdered by dark forces, bend on over throwing the Spirals. She already haunts these temple ruins. Her spirit trying to get back to the Spirals.”

    “Dark forces! By you; you mean. Your the Darkmere, the dark forces behind all this. You condemn all of Grangough to an eternity of decay. For your own selfish desires.” Says Grelak

    “Be still and listen, as Arial dies I’m being appointed to take her place as balance guardian, such is my destiny. At this moment Arial’s beloved the guardian NutRaptor finds her corpse. Racked with grief and tormented with suspicions of treachery. NutRaptor plunges into a madness which overflows and effects all of the guardians who are symbol-optically bound, including me. The repercussions of Arial’s assassination were expertly calculated. The entire circle descends into madness and I am instantly tainted and rendered incapable of fulfilling the roll density has prepared for me.”

    “You are the new balance guardian?” Says Grelak, in complete amazement.




    “Moebius failed to tell you that did he?  Yes, I’m Ariel’s replacement. The protector of Grangough not its destroyer.”

    “In that case, shall we show you the same mercy you showed the rest of the circle then? You blatantly murdered them. Which, now seems you did it to restore the Spirals so new guardians can be appointed. Why drag all us into this? You and Moebius are the only other guardians left. What if you kill Moebius? What then? You will sacrifice yourself so a new balance guardian can be appointed? Or try and seize power for yourself.” Says Grelak

    “Let’s drop the moral posturing shall we? We all know there’s no altruism in this pursuit. Your reckless indignation let you here, I counted on it. There’s no shame in it. Revenge is motivation enough. At least it’s honest. Hate me, but do it honestly!” Bevardis continues as he notices that the Knights are beginning to listen.

    “I am now faced with a dilemma. Let’s call it a two sided coin. If the coin lands one way, I kill Moebius, then sacrifice myself allowing new guardians to be appointed and thus restoring the Spirals. But, the dark forces that are responsible for all this go unchecked and unchallenged. If the coin lands on the reverse, I kill Moebius, refuse the sacrifice and stay a spirit walker. Then unable to fulfil my roll as balance guardian. The dark forces go unchecked and unchallenged. Either way the game is rigged!”

    “We agree then that the Spirals are crucial and must be restored. To end this stalemate you must die so new guardians can be appointed.” Says Laffdrey, as he begins to slowly draw Kindred Spirit from its scabbard.

    “There is a third option, a monumental secret hidden in your very presence here. But it’s a secret you have to discover for yourself. Unearth your density Edric, it’s all laid out for you here.” Says Bevardis pointing at Edric

    “You said it yourself, there are only two sides to your coin!” Says Edric, unknowing why Bevardis has singled him out.

    “Apparently so, what if you throw a coin enough times? Supposedly one day it lands on its edge!” Then Bevardis vanishes, back into the spirit realm.

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    Life and Death God and Bevardis…………..

    “Bevardis the failed assassin. You had the Knights of Olde at your mercy and yet you lacked the courage to destroy them.”


    “An ironic condemnation given this guilty scene. One would think that you murdered the guardians and torn down the Temple of Balance single handed. What is it that you are trying to achieve. As you drag your loathsome body through the underworld? And why is it that Grangough falls into decay and misery, you appear to thrive? Things in this world are rarely what they seem. You, apparently are no exception.”

    “I’m the engine of life. The source of Grangough’s very existence. I’m the still centre of the turning wheel. The origin of life and the devourer of death. Death is  unequivocal and can not be denied. The wheel must turn.”

    “Or maybe you’re just hungry. Could it be as simple as that? Wouldn’t that be poetic irony, the great life and death god turns out be be the biggest parasite of them all.”

    “Do not test my patients Bevardis. Otherwise the arc of your destiny will reach a sudden conclusion. I made you and I can unmake you if I so choose.”

    “Your threats are unmoving. As your agent I’m beyond death.”

    “There are fates worse then death.”

    “Oh, I see you now for what you truly are. A cancerous parasite spooling deep within this world.”


    “Go now, play out your pitiful rebellion and take your place amongst the damned, the destroyed and the used. But remember this….you are mind for now and the rest of eternity!”

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    Excellent, did we ever find out what rules you are / were using?

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    The rules situation is something I haven’t fully addressed yet. However, I have a copy of Dungeon Scum and Burning Sands. So I’ll probably use both. With Burning Sands being the main “go to” rules.

    Or in my case maybe Burning Grass might be more apt 😁

    Once I’ve finished building the story and painting the minis. Then that should give me idea of the characters. Then I can compile the stats for each. I see that you do blank template cards. So might start with that.

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    Haven’t finished reading yet but nice terrain.

    Tired is enough.

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    You’re probably tired of hearing this by now, but I’ve only just caught up. The creativity of it all is very inspiring.

    I might also have speed-read parts of the thread, so have forbearance if the subject matter of the following question has already been brought up and I missed it:

    Does this story draw some inspiration from the Elder Scrolls games, by any chance? It reminds me a bit of that. Especially, the Life And Death God reminds me of Hermaeus Mora, the Daedric Prince of fate, knowledge and memory from the Elder Scrolls setting.

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    No not at all. The story is quite long and complex and I never intended for to be such. Most people just scan read when faced with lots of information. So it’s only natural to catch up and read over a period of time. Or just the parts that of interest.

    Any resemblance to the Elder Scrolls is purer coincidence. In fact it draws heavily from the Sole Reaver computer game.  Plus a few other things.

    Basically, my fantasy world of Grangough is under attack. Although the Knights of Olde are the hero’s, trying to do the right thing.  A fissure has opened, unknowingly linking the Demon world to the material and spirit realms. A parasitic demon has come through into the spirit realm. And by luck, for him has found Bevardis a tool for him to manipulate. He does this by masquerading as a god.  He likes to feed on souls in negative states. For a person who dies happy then departs the material realm in a positive state is not appealing. So he seeks to create war and misery from the safety of the spectral realm where no corporeal weapons can reach him.

    But there is a bigger problem. A more powerful demon is at work. Working independently this demon has carefully calculated the assassination of Arial the balance guardian. The guardians or protectorates of Grangough are powerful sorcerers who are able to wield the power of a Moonstone. The ones who can stop a demon. For no mortal army could ever defeat a demon. These guardians are known as the circle and if one dies another is appointed by the balance guardian. If the balance guardian is killed then the Spirals chose a replacement. The Spirals are the embodiment of life, much like the river Nile is the life blood of Africa. So the circle is always maintained, unless of cause someone or something has found a way to brake the circle.

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    Bart, Bert and Bob too.

    Laffdrey rolls over and struggles against his binds. He looks over at Edric and Brother Edward who are also struggling with their binds. Where are the others, wonders Laffdrey. The three Knights were scouting ahead from the main party when they ran into the three Orges and were taken prisoner. There is no doubt what their fate will be.

    After finishing their gruesome meal, Bert makes the broth for the next. The former mercenary occupiers of the camp met a grizzly end at the hands of the three Orges.



    “Why don’t we eat the ‘orses as well” Says Bert

    “No….not mutton again. Had mutton yesterday and oh blimey mutton again today” moans Bob

    “‘orses ant sheep” Says Bert.

    “Shut your cake hole” snaps Bart. “We eat when the broth is ready and not before. Um……needs a bit more seasoning, perhaps some squirrel dung and a dash of basil”

    Bob was about to say something when he was interrupted with a sneeze. Some of the contents of his nose goes straight into the broth.

    “Uh, look what you’ve done! There’s a floater in it now” complains Bart.

    “Probably Improve the flavour” Says Bob

    Before they could carry on bickering. A sound of someone singing came from the other side of the trees. Then a chinking and clattering sound of pots. Bart gets up and makes his way through the trees to find out who was making all the noise.

    “Brothers, oh brothers, my days here are done. The Dornishman’s taken my life. But what does it matter? For all men must die. And I’ve tasted the Dornishman’s wife, I have tasted the Dornishman’s wiffff…………………………..oh you’re ugly aren’t you?” Come Bevardis’ voice from behind the trees as he claps eyes on the Orge.


    Before Bart could say anything Bevardis pushes past the Orge and into the camp carrying a large and heavy basket.

    “Who the hell is that?” asks Bert

    “No idea….can we eat too? Says Bob.

    “ I’m a Black Knight…..errr….merchant” says Bevardis, quickly correcting himself.

    “A Black Knight-Merchant! Are there anymore Black Knight-Merchants around here?” Asks Bob.

    “What’s that” asks Bart, pointing to the large basket.

    “This is your tribute of Nectre from the villagers” replies Bevardis. For Nectre to Orges is like gold to a dragon. Irresistible in anyway.

    “What villagers?”

    “You know the village of Idonthaveabrain. The one that you’ve been raiding. You go down here, take a right, then left, carry on over the river and it’s over the hill towards the valley to the South-North-East”. Says Bevardis.

    “You’re taking us for fools..” Says Bart But before he could continue Bart looks into the basket and sees, what appears to be Nectre. At that moment nothing else matters.

    “Oh…..silly me….wrong bunch of Orges….you all look the same…terribly sorry….I’m in the wrong place, I’ll be on my way” Says Bevardis….grabbing the basket back from Bart.

    “Not so fast tin man” says Bart blocking Bevardis’ way. “What would you do if we took your Nectre and bashed your head it?”

    “Well then you’ll be a thief wouldn’t  you?” Replies Bevardis.

    But Bart had heard enough, he swings his large hand and slaps Bevardis sending him flying. He lands in a heap near the broth.


    “Go and check his cart for more” commands Bart to the other Orges. They both move off though the trees.


    Bevardis meanwhile picks himself up and looks into the bubbling broth.

    “Yum, smells delicious……but I’m not sure about the big green slimy thing floating around in the middle of it though”. Says Bevardis looking into the broth. But the Orges were busy looking for Nectre.

    Bevardis, losing interest in the broth walks over and looks down at the three Knights. Who all have been silent until now.

    “Oh, I wouldn’t eat them.” He says, poking bother Edward. “He’s too boney, he’s too tough and he’s full of worms”. Says Bevardis, poking Edric.

    “What would you have us do?…..let them go?” Says Bart looking up from the basket.

    Bevardis then walks over to their captured weapon pile and picks up Edric’s bow.

    “Ah this brings back memories”. He says, taking a night arrow from Edrics’ quiver and sticking it in the camp fire.

    “What’s this red stuff? This isn’t Nectre” comes Bobs voice from behind the trees. As he tips out the contents of a pot. The red thick liquid oozing out all over the cart.

    “No…it’s Dragon Fire” Says Bevardis

    “What’s Dragon Fire” asks Bob

    “I’ll show you” Says Bevardis. He withdraws the flaming night arrow from the fire. Notches it. Carefully looks through the trees at his target. For a archer always needs to see their target. Then he effortlessly draws back the 150lb draw weight bow and looses the night arrow. The shot was right on target and lands in the middle of the cart an inch away from the red liquid which Bob had been pouring all over the place. Within a second the night arrow ignites the highly volatile dragon fire. Vaporising the cart and the two Orges!


    Bart looks up and scowls.

    “You’re going to pay for that tin man”

    But Bevardis was one step ahead. He pulls back on the bow having already notched an armour piercing arrow from Edric’s quiver. Just the sort of arrow head you need to punch through the thick skull of an Orge and releases. With the pin point accuracy of an experienced archer the arrow smashes through Bart’s skull straight into the Orges small brain.

    “If I was just a bit dumber I could of been an Orge”. Says Bevardis as he bends down and cuts Edric’s binds.

    “Why?” Asks Edric

    “Not your destiny to be eaten by Orges” he replies.

    “Your fatalism is becoming tiresome” Says Laffdrey

    “And profoundly ingrained” Says Bevardis and he disappears though the trees. Then continues singing….


    ……”Brothers, oh brothers, my days here are done. The Dornishman’s taken my life. But what does it matter? For all men must die. And I’ve tasted the Dornishman’s wife, I have tasted the Dornishman’s wife”.

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    Channelling The Hobbit?

    Avatar photogreg954

    You got it! Never thought you were a LotR fan. There’s a bit of Game of Thrones in there too.

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    The effigy

    As the small party of Knights continue their quest they come to a clearing and a grassy plateau in circled with large stones. Soon some sort of gathering of local people becomes apparent. Then comes the strange chanting and a women’s scream and a plea for mercy. Then cheering comes from the small crowd. It’s becomes clear that this is a sacrificial site.



    “We gather here hence fourth with the sacrifice of this offering. May our God appease and cleanse your soul!” The monk continues. “We offer this sacrifice so the wheel of fate may turn!”. Says Brother Clement.

    The Knights stop to watch and then Captain Laffdrey notices an unwelcome sight. He sighs deeply and shakes his head……Bevardis.

    “Um…where have I heard that before? Those deluded humans have no idea what it is their worshipping”. Says Bevardis as he approaches the Knights.

    “They are burning that poor woman for their misguided beliefs?”. Says Grelak.

    The Knights went to move forward to stop this abomination. Bevardis moves first, grabbing Laffdrey’s sword. He too wants to interfere but not out of altruism or righteousness.

    “I know the hand that rocks this cradle”. Says Bevardis as he heads off with Laffdrey’s sword, Kindred Spirit. The Knights make no attempt at stopping him, eager to see it play out.

    Okay, now it’s time to play my first game of Burning Sands. It’s going to start with just Bevardis on one side and a few of the angry mob on the other. So nice and simple. I haven’t fully worked things out and I’m still leaning the rules. But first a few stats of the models which will be fighting.


    P2, W3, V12 – Heavy Armour, Spirit Walker.

    Local Fyrd

    P2, W1, V2 – no special abilities

    Notes on Spirit Walker ability. As seen in the story Bevardis is neither living nor dead. He can move from the spirit realm to the material realm. But to say in the material realm he has to sustain his manifestation. Once gone he automatically goes back to the spirit realm where he has to “charge back up” in order to manifest back to the material realm.

    So for the game I’m playing with the idea that for every action and damage taken he loses a vitality point as per the rules. His vitality pool though is all he has. Meaning that his V12 pool will reduce and so does his vitality stat along with it.

    I don’t have time now but will be rolling some die over the weekend. So hopefully will post the outcome on Sunday. Plus there is also another foe lurking, so our hero’s will have a lot to do!

    Avatar photoMike

    So he spends an available vitality to attack but he does not replenish the available pool next turn?

    Avatar photogreg954

    Correct. I have only two models with this ability. Not sure how it’ll work out though. That’s why I thought it’ll be good to play test this ability and also some of the larger more powerful models.

    Also, vitality is also spent for defence and movement etc…..this might be too much even with a vitality pool of 12. However, I like to think of it as a fire and forget missile. Use once sort of thing.

    Avatar photoMike

    Interesting, how many is Bevardis up against?
    Looks like 9?

    Avatar photogreg954

    There are 10 fyrd or local militias. So I’m thinking 6 or 7 to balance. Plus he has Kindred Spirit (the Devine sword) made of Herculaneum Steel. So may give an attack bonus of some sort?

    Avatar photogreg954

    Right, here we go. My first solo game of Burning Sands. I’ll need to play a few solo games first then I should know what I’m doing when I get the chance to play against another person in a few weeks.

    I’ve upped the stats for Bevardis to P3 and V15. Remember he loses all Vitality spent.

    “You missed guided soles….You have no idea what it is your worshipping. Let me help you understand”. Shouts Bevardis.

    “Heathen!……..Seize that heathen!” Shouts Brother Clement.

    With that the now cheering mob has turned aggressive and closes in around Bevardis.

    “Surrender fiend and we will show you a merciful death” Shouts one of the Fyrd.

    “I could say the same thing”. Replies Bevardis. “But it would be a lie!”

    The first five fyrd attacked and proved little resistance for Bevardis. Seeing half their number slain within a minute the rest ignored the commands from their priest and backed off. With no one to stop him Bevardis grabbed Brother Clement and thrust Kindred Spirit through his back. Knowing that the Devine sword would purify the priest’s soul.

    “Do you see it now? Is your god all you hoped it to be?” Says Bevardis


    “And in that knowledge go to it and feed it. I release you to the wheel”.

    “Your petty actions here Bevardis are meaningless. Brother Clement was a good servant. But had out played his life. Even when you rebel you are doing my will”.

    “Perhaps…..but if my interference here has annoyed you. Then that is a victory….no mater how small….for me”.

    “Very well…..you and your Knights of Olde will be swept from the board. Then this sacrificial circle will be made ready for my more malleable servants”

    The ground began to shake and the stone effigy began to crack and crumble. Bevardis thought that he was opening a fissure to escape back into the spirt realm. He was……as a parasitic demon is vulnerable in the material realm.

    But he was also summoning………summoning something big!……

    Avatar photogreg954

    As the Life and Death God disappeared into the spectral realm. The ancient stone effigy began to turn into something. To the horror or all, it became a monster. A stone monster, a titan, a stone Djinn!

    First to be killed was the torch bearer. He had witnessed the death of his priest at the hands of Bevardis. Now this, the huge stone fist effortlessly squashed him into the ground.


    Bevardis was first to attack. Still armed with the Devine sword Kindred Spirit. The sword was much more than just made from Herculaneum steel. At first it seemed that some headway was being made against this huge monster. Kindred Spirit slammed into it sending a shockwave through it. But it wasn’t to be the Djinn attacked Bevardis. The huge fist simply inflicted too much damage and Bevardis couldn’t maintain his vitality. He slipped back into the Spectral Realm. Kindred Spirit, being a corporeal object couldn’t go with him. It hovered in mid air for a second then dropped to the ground.

    Both Laffdrey and Bertram proved little better and both were nearly killed. If it wasn’t for the other Knights. Two of the party were killed then it was clear they couldn’t win.

    Laffdrey managed to circle around and retrieve Kindred Spirit as the surviving Knights, Grelak, Bertram and Edric flee in all directions. Followed by a very bad tempered Stone Djinn.


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    Well that didn’t go as planned. I thought the Knights, with Bevardis was going to stop it. The dice was simply too strong. The Djinn was throwing fives and six’s. While the others rolled a good number of ones and twos. Bevardis at the start was the only character to knock some vitality off the monster.

    However, this unprecedentedly development has lead to another chapter. Now we have this Stone giant running amok through Grangough. I fear the Knights of Olde aren’t going to stop it easily. No, this calls for someone else…..If you’ve got a problem, if no one else can help and if you can find them, maybe you can hire Bang and Olafsson!

    Avatar photoMike

    Yikes, how much of a spanner in the works is that?

    Avatar photoRhoderic

    If you’ve got a problem, if no one else can help and if you can find them, maybe you can hire Bang and Olafsson!

    These guys?


    Avatar photogreg954

    If you’ve got a problem, if no one else can help and if you can find them, maybe you can hire Bang and Olafsson!

    These guys? LINK

    lol, you don’t miss a trick. I’m always looking for ways to introduce new characters. This turn of events may have provided this. Especially when you mix and match minis like I do.

    Not just these guys, I can also introduce another character. “Bang” needs a new weapon and who better to forge such a new, such a unknown weapon. To deal with this stone monster. Who better to forge a cannon then Crom Ogun!


    Avatar photoMike

    Who better to forge a cannon then Crom Ogun


    Avatar photoRhoderic

    He’ll be doing it wrong, because cannons are cast, not forged

    Avatar photoMike

    He’ll be doing it wrong, because cannons are cast, not forged

    Avatar photogreg954

    Heheheh, let’s not forget Crom Ogun is a former guardian. He was there, three hundred years ago during the first demonic invasion.

    How can this strange device use fire to defeat stone?

    You’ve just given me some writing material for the next chapter.

    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    (This is why I love this forum!  Good stories and games, and good byplay and interactions!)

    Really is cool that you are so expansive in your figures and story.  Lets you play with anything!  Makes me realize how shoehorned I can be…

    Now, with this monster running amok, I imagine that whomever’s land he is now about to lay waste to may want to put up a good sized bounty!  (as well as figure out whom turned it loose!)

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Avatar photogreg954

    Well, who indeed is responsible? No doubt Bevardis has played a big part in all this. After all he hasn’t got a particularly good track record for not causing trouble.

    The Drunken Duck Inn was in uproar. People wanted answers, who was going to stop the monster. No one knew, no one wanted to take the risk. Except for one………


    ……Olafsson counted the purse of money and grins.

    “One hundred gold sovereigns as agreed. The other halve when the monster is destroyed”. Says the town Lord. “A rather extortionate amount my I add”.

    “Not really” replies Olafsson. “I have bills to pay with this, stopping the thing isn’t going to be cheap. Anyway how many farms and live stock has been destroyed? If I’m not too much mistaken, it’s not too far from this village”.


    With that most people left the inn. Olafsson, sat back and finished his ale. Then thought about whether Crom Ogun has finished making that device which he commissioned. Just the sort of device needed to bring down stone. Then, as uncanny as ever, as if he had a six sense. The door opens and the foreboding figure of Crom Ogun enters.


    “Just thinking about you. Have you forged that thing yet?” Says Olafsson.

    “If you mean cast it, then yes.” Says Ogun, his cold steely eyes and blank expression boring into Olafsson.

    “Whatever and what’s it called again?”

    “A cannon”

    “Never heard of a cannon, you’re sure it can stop a stone monster?”

    Ogun rises an eyebrow and says nothing.

    “I’ll take that as a yes then, here is your payment” Says Olafsson, tossing him a purse of gold.

    Ogun catches the purse, holds it a while as if calculating the weight and pockets it.

    “I’ll get my colleague to collect it from you by dusk”. Replies Olafsson as he watches Ogun disappear through the door.

    Olafsson leaves just after, in search of this colleague, Ulf.

    Olafsson bangs hard on the barn door.

    “Clear off! While you can still walk!”. Comes the response. Not all Ogres were hostile. But most were grumpy and Ulf was no exception. Ignoring the threat Olafsson opens the door and enters.


    “That’s no way to greet a friend. We have a job”

    “Does it pay well?”

    “Oh yes, very well. But first I need you to collect something from Crom Ogun”.

    “Collect what?”

    “Something that’s needed to complete our mission. Trust me, you’ll love it!”.

    Avatar photoMike

    Boom Stick!
    But biggerer.

    Avatar photoRhoderic

    “Just thinking about you. Have you forged that thing yet?” Says Olafsson. “If you mean cast it, then yes.” Says Ogun, his cold steely eyes and blank expression boring into Olafsson.

    Avatar photoThomaston

    I’m getting image of old GW 40k ogre in my head.

    Tired is enough.

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