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    Avatar photoTony Hughes

    You may remember that I have been selling off some wargaming stuff over the last year or so. It is a combined effort from 3 wargamers (and a few bits from a couple of others) to reduce their lead piles. It is coming in bits as we find abandoned projects and left-over figures in the loft or at the back of a cupboard.

    The latest lots are :

    Some large Seven Years War armies (French, Prussian & British) in 6mm by Baccus, all unpainted and each split into 4 army packs with a mix of Foot, Horse & Artillery in each (plus some extra cavalry packs for the French).
    Three packs of Baccus 6mm equipment; tents, civilians & gabions
    Some 6mm Baccus Austrian & Italian packs for the Risorgimento and 1866. About 1600 Austrians & 800 Italians. There are still a good number of the huge French and Prussian armies for the same period left from an earlier set of lots.
    Some painted 6mm buildings have been added to the unpainted 6mm Irregular Miniatures building sets already on the site.

    I’m still sorting some other terrain items out and there are some 1/6000th scale painted ships that I need to photograph and list. Those should be added next week.


    Click the ‘For Sale’ link at the top of this page to see all that is on offer.






    Tony of TTT




    Avatar photoFredd Bloggs

    Any WSS in your sell off plans, if so, let me know?

    Avatar photoTony Hughes

    Hi ‘Fred’

    I’ve found a few bits unpainted but I do have some painted stuff too.

    E-mail me at [email protected] and I’ll tell you in more detail what I’ve got.

    Tony of TTT


    Avatar photo6Mil Phil

    Allo Tony,

    I’m almost tempted by Lot B-B : 6mm painted resin buildings, but can’t really work out what they all are… nice roofs though 😉

    There’s a pair of two storey terraces and a factory, but what are the others? Which brand are they?

    Avatar photoTony Hughes

    Hi Phil

    I don’t know who the manufacturer is as they are being sold on behalf of a
    mate and he got them in a trade some years back. They are nice, crisp
    castings a bit like Timecast in the style of the detail but I don’t think
    they are their’s.

    There are also two rural farm worker’s houses and 4 barn/general farm

    Tony of TTT


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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